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Today’s topic is mainly for CNC router programmers but can be used in metal applications as well. Here is the scenario, you need to finish profile some ⅜ wide slots and your running into issues with the lead-in/out not having enough room for cutter compensation. What options can you use to finish the slot profile and have enough room to turn on and off cutter compensation?
What is cutter compensation?
As you program your 2D part profiles, your tool will need to be offset. Half the tool size needs to be offset from your part geometry in order to machine the part geometry to size. BobCAD’s profile feature has compensation options built in and there are multiple ways you can use these settings.
Here are the default settings for compensation of 2D Profiles.
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System compensation is when BobCAD applies the offset for your tool. The software will look at your entered tool size and offset for half of it automatically. All of the math to offset for the cutter is done for you.
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Machine Compensation vs System Compensation
With the default settings of system compensation, there aren’t any adjustment factors for the “tool offset” at the controller. This means if the tool size isn’t spot on, the size of your cut parts could be out of tolerance.
This is why many shops will choose to use G41/G42, also known as machine compensation. Using this option allows operators to make adjustments to the size of the tool at the control.
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Machine Compensation Rules
There are some rules for using G41/G42. These rules vary slightly based on what machine and what controller you are using. The rules we are referring to are the lead-in move and where compensation is turned on.
For most machines, they require a line arc move in order to turn cutter compensation on. The line arc move needs to be greater than the radius of the tool you are using, giving the machine “room” to turn G4 /G42 on.
Programming Problem
In today’s example, we will be utilizing machine compensation. Due to its rules, we instantly run into a problem. We are cutting a ⅜ wide slot with a ¼ end mill. It requires a line arc move with a minimum of a .125 radius lead-in/out in order to turn G41/G42 on. We don’t have enough room!
bobcad cad-cam software
As you can see in this cutaway view of the backplot toolpath, we do not have enough room for the required lead-in/out to turn on and off cutter compensation. The required lead in/out results in the tool running into the part geometry. How do we get around this?
Like many topics and workflow for CAD-CAM programming, there multiple approaches to solve this problem. We are going to keep it simple and use our entry options.
bobcad cnc software
Typically for a profile finish pass, we would use Plunge as our entry option. Today we are going to mix it up and use the ramp option, but not like you think…
Programming Solution
We are going to turn the ramp option on and change the angle of approach to 90.
bobcad cnc software
This simple solution will result in the lead-in/out to be above the part.
bobcad cam software
Now that lead-in/out is above the part, we no longer are restricted to the width of the slot, leaving room on the lead-in and out. It’s as simple as that!

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