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CAM software technology has been a very important part in CNC manufacturing for years, has been a major part of modern manufacturing and offering increasingly profitable methods of producing everything from medical devices and just about all consumer products to important aerospace components that help us reach the limits of innovation. Small machine shop manufacturers are able to compete for and successfully complete projects that only larger shops used to be capable of winning. The global shape of manufacturing is constantly evolving, changing and flowing income into society, providing jobs and keeping markets competitive because of leveling the playing ground in what any CNC machine shop can do now.

Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing has come into the scope of evolutionary manufacturing solutions that continues to keep us productive and profitable while giving us possibilities that we only dreamed about in the not so distant past. Yet CAM Software or CAD-CAM – Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing technology provides a solid foundation for global CNC metalworking productivity, efficiency and profitability that every CNC shop must have to stay alive. Whether you are a small shop, large manufacturer, student of experienced CNC machinist you owe it to yourself to learn as much about CAD-CAM technology as possible, reach higher plateaus of optimized productivity and greater profitability on every job. With that said we wanted to give you CAD-CAM technology papers to support your CNC production process.

bobcad-cam software mill turn cnc machining simulationImproving CNC Programming Workflow With CAM Software

The implementation of CAM software technology into your CNC machining workflow-process can make the difference in producing perfect parts efficiently while maintaining and improving the high level of quality that you need each step of the way. While the idea behind the development of CAM Software is purely automation oriented, shops around the world still struggle to become profitable, efficient in their CNC machining process while trying to maintain an edge competitively in their respective markets. Therefore, let’s take a closer look at the subject of CAM software and how the implementation of it can contribute to improving programming workflow as it continues to prove an excellent solution for thousands of shops around the world in CAM manufacturing. Our technical papers outline the fundamentals and successful components that CAD-CAM brings to the process of CNC programming.

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cnc-software-5-axis-cad-cam-milling-haas-simulation-programCAD-CAM in The Manufacturing Process

CAM software has steadily evolved over the last 25 years from originally a DOS-based wireframe geometry oriented product for basic machining drilling, profiling and pocketing to highly complex surface based machining technology that include trochoidal style high speed toolpath operations more recently. CAM software technology focuses on the machining side of the manufacturing process. This is the setting up of a job which includes work coordinates, cutting conditions, tooling and toolpath all organized in order to create a numeric “G-Code” program that is used by the CNC machine tool controllers to make the part. From production machining, mold-making tool & Die applications to custom fabrication and more, the CAM software has the ability to create toolpath and NC programs for 2.5, 3, 4 and full 5 axis CNC machining. These BobCAD-CAM technical papers outline the integration of CAD-CAM into the Manufacturing Process

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cad-cam high speed cnc machining operationsCAD-CAM & High Speed CNC Machining Toolpath

CAD-CAM software provides the toolpath necessary to program CNC machine cutting. Traditional offset roughing and finishing toolpaths do automate the process of machining, yet High Speed toolpaths optimize machining in a variety of ways to give advantages that reduce cycle times, decrease tool wear and much more. This technical paper on high speed toolpath outlines the advantages of using high speed toolpaths versus traditional toolpaths for common machining operations.

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By clicking any of the links above you can download a variety of CAD-CAM technology papers to help you understand CAD-CAM software and the advantages that it provides your machine shop. Topics include:
Integration of CAD/CAM
Choosing The Right CAD/CAM Software
CNC Milling
CNC Turning
Benefits of Simulation
Improving CNC Workflow Efficiency
CAD/CAM in Education
Benefits of Machining Wizards
…and many others.

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