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2 Axis Wire EDM
Published on May 25th, 2023 in Articles, Tech Tuesday

Welcome to the world of 2 Axis Wire EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining), where precision starts with a small wire and ends with highly accurate parts holding tolerances with more zeros than most machines can read. In this week’s blog post, we’ll explore the CAD/CAM features that are crucial for successful 2 Axis wire EDM programming […]

Published on May 24th, 2023 in Articles, Case Studies

Meet Jeff, a trailblazer who attended our groundbreaking 1st Advanced Training Seminar last month. As part of BobCAD-CAM’s commitment to delivering exceptional customer value, this new training format takes a deep dive into advanced topics that yield remarkable outcomes. Prepare to be amazed by the insights and techniques only on-site training packages offer. Jeff, the […]

Hole Wizard
Published on May 23rd, 2023 in Articles, CAD-CAM Quick Tips

Streamline the design process for hole creation by using BobCAD’s design package which includes a hole wizard. Offering powerful and user-friendly hole creation tools,  BobCAD empowers designers to create holes with ease and efficiency, ultimately improving overall design quality and productivity. Ensuring design accuracy, and enhancing the user experience, to better meet growing market demands. […]

Published on May 22nd, 2023 in Articles, Tech Tuesday

In today’s fast-paced manufacturing industry, efficiency and precision are key drivers of success. Recent advancements in CAD/CAM technology for hole recognition have revolutionized the drilling process. In this week’s blog post, we will explore the advantages of utilizing CAD/CAM and hole recognition to improve shop performance. Weekly CAD-CAM Training – Join Us Here  BobCAD-CAM | […]

Published on May 22nd, 2023 in Articles, Press Releases

BOBCAD-CAM V35 Service Pack Just Released The second service pack, V35 Service Pack 2 | Build 4865  is available for download and includes an enhancement/corrections to the User Interface along with CAD, BobART, CAM, Posting, and the NC Editor. BobCAD-CAM V35 SP2 – Click Here to Download  BobCAD-CAM recommends that you update your software when […]

Align Geometry for 2 Axis Lathe
Published on May 16th, 2023 in Articles, CAD-CAM Quick Tips

Are you getting stuck on the geometry setup for 2-axis lathe programming? In this downloadable help file example all the CAD preparation is done for you, the geometry is in the correct location and ready for selection.  Wouldn’t it be nice if that was always the case, geometry you get from your customer may or […]

CAD CAM for Lathe
Published on May 15th, 2023 in Articles, CAD-CAM Quick Tips

Is it worth acquiring CAD/CAM for lathe programming? Most CNC shops have a lathe,  however, not all have CAD CAM for lathe. The difference is astronomical comparing the number of shops that use CAD CAM for Mills vs the number of shops that use CAD CAM for lathes.  Milling and machining centers represent more than […]

cad cam for cnc lathes
Published on May 12th, 2023 in Articles, Tech Tuesday

Learning CAD CAM for a CNC lathe can be a challenging task, understanding the geometry, creating toolpaths and post-processing can be overwhelming at first.  Make sure to join us next week to cover come these barriers letting us help you become proficient in using CAD CAM for lathe programming.   Weekly CAD-CAM Training – Join […]

Published on May 11th, 2023 in Articles, CAD-CAM Quick Tips

Drilling holes with a 5 axis CNC router can be a challenging task, especially for new users. However, with the introduction of BoCAD’s new software, hole feature recognition has made the process much easier and more efficient. How does 5 Axis Hole Recognition work? BoCAD’s software allows users to quickly and easily find and drill […]

5 Axis Roughing
Published on May 9th, 2023 in Articles, CAD-CAM Quick Tips

What is 5 Axis Roughing 5 Axis Roughing is a machining strategy used on 5 Axis CNC machines to remove material around a workpiece efficiently. It involves using the two rotary axes to position so that the cutting tool has access to workpiece features being targeted with 3-axis cutting. 2D to 5 Axis, roughing is […]

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