CNC Machining Software Company Launches Participation Grant Program for Small Businesses

Posted February 18, 2013 2:10 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

We are launching a new Participation Grant Program to work with small cnc machining businesses across America that have been adversely affected by foreign trade. The program will help American companies become more successful and gain a stronger edge against foreign competition in the manufacturing industry.

Companies accepted into the grant program will receive help to improve their businesses in various departments, such as employee development training, new project development, and marketing. The program also includes mentoring in engineering, MIS upgrades, quality improvements, lean manufacturing, and other projects.

BobCAD Grant Participation ProgramThe grant program process includes an initial “Adjustment Plan” prepared by our staff, which involves a diagnostic study of the business that describes the present state of the company, as well as a recommended “Plan of Attack” to improve global competitiveness.

Employee training is also covered by the training grant. BobCAD will offer cad-cam training opportunities for companies in the grant program, including: local software seminars, online software certification courses, and online personalized training.

Costs of improvement projects will be shared 50/50 between BobCAD-CAM and the partnering company, allowing companies with limited budgets to expand and advance much faster that they could have on their own.

Jim Armstrong, Account Manager at BobCAD-CAM, is working directly with Todd Shevlin, Project Manager for MidAtlantic Trade Adjustment Assistance Center (MATAAC), to coordinate with small businesses in the north east that would benefit from the grant program.

On December 17, 2012, BobCAD-CAM and MATAAC hosted the first meeting for prospective companies. The meeting was conducted online to allow all interested parties to attend. Crystal Arnold, Training Grant Coordinator, will be holding regular webinars here forth to explain the grant application process.

If your company has lost business to companies overseas, you may be eligible to participate. For more information on the Participation Grant Program, please contact Jim Armstrong at 727.442.3554 ext. 206 or visit BobCAD-CAM’s CNC Manufacturer’s Grant Program.

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