Line Tangent


This topic will explain theLine Continuous function, will explain where to find the function, andexplain the options found in it.

The Line Tangent Function

The Tangent function creates lines that are tangent to two selectedentities (usually arcs).To perform the function, you click to selectthe entities in the graphics area.

To open Line Tangent:

  • In the Entity group, of the Create 2D ribbon,click the down arrow underLine and clickLine Tangent.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

The Data Entry Parameters

Line Tangent

Creation Option


TrimEntities - the function trims the selected entities to create theline.

TrimEntities - the function does not trim any entities to create theline.

Selected Geometry


(Delete) - removes the highlighted item from the list.

The list box will list the entity currently selected for the function.

  • OK - finalizes the function.

  • Cancel - exits the function.

Quick Steps - Line Tangent

  1. Open the function and select the first entity.

  2. Move to the next entity.

    With the second entity highlighted, the preview displays.

    Click the second entity.

Trim Entities

Trim Entities

The tangent line is created.

  1. Repeat these steps as needed for thecreation of tangent lines.

  2. To close the function, click Cancel.

Note: Whether you are connecting two arcs, an arc and a line, or an arc and a point, the steps remain the same.Simply click one, and then the other.

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