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This topic will explain where to find the Point Pattern function, andexplain the options found in it.This topic will also give quick steps, and provide links to related topics.

The Point Pattern Function

The Point Pattern function is used to group a set of points or arcsso that they can be selected as a single entity (point pattern), usuallyfor machining purposes.You can select any combination of points and/orarcs.When you select points, the software creates an arc at that point,using the Hole Radius value, for each point.When you select arcs, theyare changed to the Hole Radius value and the center point is added.Aftercreating the pattern, it can be selected as a single entity.

To open Point Pattern:

  • In the Pattern group, of the Create 2D ribbon,click Point Pattern.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

The Data Entry Parameters

Selected Geometry


(Delete) - removes the highlighted item from the Selected Geometry list.

(Delete All) - removes all entities from the Selected Geometry list.

The list will display all entities currently selected for the function.

  • HoleRadius - sets the radius of the arcs created from the selectedpoints.If arcs are selected, they are changed to this value.

  • OK- performs the function as shown in the preview.
  • Cancel- cancels the function when finished.

Quick Steps - Point Pattern

  1. Select the geometry to become a point pattern.

    The geometry is added to the Selected Geometry list.

  2. Set the Hole Radius to use for the point pattern.

  3. Click OK to create the point pattern.

  4. Click Cancel to exit the function.

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