This topic will explain the Contours function, willexplain where to find the function, and explain the options found in it.This topic will also explain creation with quick steps, and providelinks to related topics.

The Contour Function

The Contour function groups connected entities together as a singleentity with a defined direction.These can be open or closed chains.Thecontour can then be selected to define the chain and direction for 2-axismachining features.

Tip: It is important to be aware that you can also usethe Start Point of a feature or operation to define the direction of theselected entities.The Start Point was added to provide more control ofthe feature geometry per operation.

To perform the function, you definethe parameters, select the geometry chain in the graphics area, and pressOK to accept the selection.

To open Contour:

  • In the Utilities group, of the Create 2D ribbon,click Contour.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

The Data Entry Parameters

Selected Geometry


(Reverse Direction) - Reverses the direction of the highlighted item.

(Delete) - removes the highlighted item from the Selected Geometry list.

(Delete All) - removes all entities from the Selected Geometry list.

The list box will list the entities currently selected for the function.


  • CW- sets the direction of the selected contour to clockwise.
  • CCW- sets the direction of the selected contour to counter-clockwise.

Chain Beginning

  • Set longestas start - uses the longestentity of the selected chain to set the start point of the contour.
  • Selected StartPoint/Automatic - uses theclosest snap point of the first entity selected to set the startpoint.For window picking, it is set automatically.

  • OK - finalizes the function.

  • Cancel - exits the function.

Quick Steps - Contour

  1. Select geometry for the contour.This can be done by: 

    1. Select geometry on entity at a time.When this is done, the first entity is set as the start of the contour.

    2. Window pick geometry.When this is done, the software automatically sets the start point.

    3. If you chain select the entities, the closest end point of the entity that you click isset as the end of the chain.Be aware that the direction affectsthe start location when using chain selection for closed contours.When chain-selecting open chains to create a contour, the directionis defined only by your selection.None of the Data Entry parametersapply to open contours when using chain selection.

    The geometry is added to the Selected Geometry list.

  2. Set the Direction and the Chain Beginning.

  3. Click OK to create the contour.

  4. Click Cancel to exit the function.

Note: The startof a contour can't be placed in the middle of a single entity.For example,if you have a line (a single entity) and you want the start point to bein the middle of that line, you must first break the line at that point.

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