Measure One


This topic will explain the Measure One function, describe where to find it, and the optionsfound in it.This topic will also provide quick steps on how to use it, and provide links to related topics.

The Measure One Function

The Measure One function measures various dimensions of a single entity.To perform the function, you select geometry, and the Measure Entity dialogbox displays all the available dimensions.

To open Measure One:

  • In the Measure group, of the Evaluate ribbon, click Measure One.

The Data Entry Parameters

  • Pick Solid - With this check box selected, solids and lone surfaces and can selected and measured.
    Pick Solid - With this check box cleared, edges of solids and surfaces are selectable, while the surfaces and solids themselves are not.

  • Cancel - cancels the selectionwhen finished.

Quick Steps - Measure One

  1. Open the function.

  2. Click the entity to be measured.

    The measurements appear in the Measurement View.

Note: To measure solids, select the Pick Solid check box in the Data Entry Manager.

  1. Repeat as necessary.

  2. Click Cancel to close the function.

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