This topic will explain where to find the Equalize function, and explainthe options found in it.This topic will also give quick steps, and provide links to related topics.

The Equalize Function

The Equalize function breaks multiple groups of entity chains into anequal number of entities of a maximum size.To perform the function, youdefine the parameters, select geometry in the graphics area, and pressOK to accept the selections.

To open Equalize:

  • In the Adjust group, of the Utilities ribbon,click Equalize.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

The Data Entry Parameters

  • Max Length of Division -the maximum length of each division into which the entity chains arebroken.If the maximum length value would result in fewer entitiesthan the selected chain with the most entities, the length is reducedto match that chain.This is a maximum value so the entities createdcan be equal or less than this value, based on the entity chains thatare selected.

Selected Geometry


(Delete) - removes the highlighted item from the Selected Geometry list.

(Delete All) - removes all entities from the Selected Geometry list.

The list will display all entities currently selected for the function.

  • OK - performs thefunction after geometry selection.
  • Cancel - cancels the functionwhen finished.

Quick Steps - Equalize

  1. Set the Max Length of Division.

  2. Select the first chain.

    The chain is added to the Selected Geometry list.

  3. Select the rest of the chains to equalize.

    The chains are added to the list.

  4. Click OK to equalize the chains.

  5. Click Cancel to exit the function.

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