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This topic will explain the Cleanup / Optimize function, describe where to find it, and the optionsfound in it.This topic will also provide quick steps on how to use it, and provide links to related topics.

The Cleanup / Optimize function

The Cleanup / Optimize function reduces the number of entities withina drawing by joining contiguous curve segments and eliminating any duplicatedgeometric entities.

To open Cleanup / Optimize:

  • In the Reorganize group, of the Utilities ribbon,click Cleanup / Optimize.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

Data Entry Parameters

Selected Geometry


(Delete) - removes the highlighted item from the Selected Geometry list.

(Delete All) - removes all entities from the Selected Geometry list.

The list will display all entities currently selected for the function.

  • OK - finalizes the function.

  • Cancel - exits the function.

Quick Steps - Cleanup / Optimize

  1. Open the function.

    The Selected Geometry list automatically has focus.

  2. Select the geometry.

    The geometry is added to the Selected Geometry list.

  3. Confirm the selection by clicking OK.

    The Results dialog appears listing the following statistics:

Entity # Before #After Corrections Made


Note: The EntityColumn will only list entity types that were selected for the function.

Entity Column- Type of entity.The only entities affected by the Erase Doubles functionare Points, Lines, Arcs, and Splines.

#BeforeColumn - How many entities of this type existed prior to usingthe function.

#After Column- How many entities  of this type were left after the function wasused.

DuplicatesRemoved Column - How many entities of this type were removed.

  1. Click Cancel to exit the function.

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