The CAD Tree Manager


This topic will explain the CAD Tree Manager, will show where to find it initially, and provide a link for the topic that shows how to relocate the CAD Tree Manager. This topic will also give a brief explanation of the CAD Tree itself.

The CAD Tree Manager

The CAD Tree Manager is located, by default, on the left side of the application, docked with the Data Entry Manager, the CAM Tree Manager, and the BobART Manager. The location of the CAD Tree Manager, however, can be adjusted to preference, as explained in the  Introduction to Docking Panes topic. The CAD Tree Manager is what gives you access to the CAD Tree itself, which is explained in the following section.

The Quick access menu

  • Rebuild - recreates all CAD features in the CAD Tree using the current order and status. This option is used to update the CAD model after modifying the CAD Tree, for example, after reordering features or modifying the wireframe used to create a solid.

  • Delete - removes the highlighted item from the CAD Tree.

  • Optimize CAD Tree - combines all possible items in the CAD Tree.

  • Delete Tree History - eliminates all non-essential items from the CAD Tree.

The CAD Tree

The CAD Tree Manager in BobCAD-CAM is a solid history tree that allows you to edit, reorder, and suppress CAD features so you can update the CAD model at any time during the creation process or after. The CAD Tree contains features for each solid or surface body that you create, including all Solid and Surface functions, as well as any Utility functions that you use to modify solids. In addition to the feature, a solid item is added to the Solids folder, which provides selection tools for all solid bodies in the graphics area.


Wireframe geometry is not added to the CAD Tree, with one exception: the Shape Library. A feature is added to the CAD Tree for each shape that you create using the Shape Library.


Features in the CAD Tree

The CAD Tree always contains the following two items.


BobCAD File Name



After creating or modifying a solid or surface, a CAD feature is added to the tree. If a function creates a solid or surface entity, a corresponding Solid item is added to the Solids folder.


CAD Tree Feature Example

BobCAD File Name


         Solid 1

       CAD Feature


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