3Dconnexion 3D Mouse Support


This topic will explain how to set up a 3D mouse in BobCAD-CAM.

3Dconnexion 3D Mouse Setup

BobCAD-CAM now supports the use of 3Dconnexion mice. There are a few important steps that you must take to use a 3Dconnexion mouse.


  1. Download and install the latest software for your computer from 3Dconnexion's website.

    It is important that you install the latest software (and drivers) from 3Dconnexion as BobCAD-CAM supports 3DxWare version 10 and later.

  2. After installing the latest software, open the 3Dconnexion 3D Mouse Home application.

    This software contains all of the information that you need to learn how to setup and use the 3Dconnexion mouse. This includes many helpful resources, such as a trainer, instruction manual, properties, and registration.

  3. That's it! The 3D mouse can now be used in BobCAD-CAM to increase your 3D viewing pleasure and productivity.

3Dconnexion Properties for BobCAD-CAM

In order to set the 3D mouse properties that are currently available in BobCAD-CAM, use the following steps.


  1. Open the BobCAD-CAM software.

  2. Open the 3Dconnexion Properties application from All Applications.

  3. The application should open with BobCAD listed at the top of the dialog box.

    If it does not display BobCAD, be sure that the BobCAD-CAM software is visible on your monitor (the application window must have focus to show up in the 3Dconnexion Properties dialog box).

  4. You can now change the Advanced Settings and Buttons to your preferred settings for use within BobCAD-CAM.

3D Mouse Preferences

The use of a 3D mouse is on by default, but it can be turned on or off in the Settings dialog. There are a few other settings that can be accessed in this location as explained next.

Access The Settings dialog by:

  • In the Backstage, click Settings.

  • In the Quick Access Toolbar, click .

Ensure Use 3D Mouse is selected

  1. In the 3D Mouse group, found in the General page of the System tab, the Use 3D Mouse check box should be selected.


Note: You can set the Rotation Center option to display a small sphere in the graphics area that represents the current viewing center of rotation to: Show Never, Show Always, or Show On Motion.


  1. After making any changes, click Apply to update the changes.

  2. Click OK to close the dialog box.

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