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Turning on and off the BobCAM for SolidWorks add-in - once installed, the BobCAM for SolidWorks add-in can be turned on or off inside of SolidWorks.


Registering the Software -register the software online or by using email to begin using the products that you have purchased.

Getting Started with BobCAM

Introduction to the User Interface (UI) - getting to know the user interface is an essential part of learning to use BobCAM.


Understanding selection methods - this section gives a general overview on selection methods for the BobCAM toolpath generation.


Using CAM - BobCAM is capable of producing toolpaths and NC code for hundreds of mill, lathe, waterjet, laser, and plasma machines.


Using BobART - the BobART add-on can turn raster images and wireframe geometry into beautiful pieces of art. This module allows you to load vector files, vectorize images, and create embossed models for machining unique custom creations.