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This topic will describe where to save/access Job Templates, explain the  Job from Template option, how to create them, how to use them, and will provide a link to a related topic.

To save a job template: 


  • Right-click the job in the CAM Tree, and select Save as Job Template.

To use a job template: 

  • Right-click CAM Defaults in the CAM Tree, and select Job from Template.

The Job Templates

Job Templates are designed to allow you to load in a job which has any amount of job items saved to it. The job you load from a template could have as little as the Job Type, Machine, and Default Parameter Template saved to it, but could even include several machine setups, their features and operations, group folders, indexes, wrapping groups, and more. Literally anything that is in your job when it is saved will be loaded as the template the next time it is used.


To create a job using a template, you must first create a template.

Creating a Job Template

Tip: Job Templates can be saved with everything including computed features with toolpath. Though the actual CAD geometry is not saved with these files, features saved with selected geometry will still remember that geometry and can be computed without losing toolpath until the associated geometry is removed from the feature. While it is probably not realistic to want to save the associated geometry with most features, a Facing feature might be an exception. It is not rare to use the same sized stock with the same


  1. With the job in the state you would like it to be loaded in when used, right-click the job, and select Save as Job Template.

    The Save As dialog opens.

  2. Set the File name, and click Save.

    The template is saved and ready to use.

Using Job Templates

  1. Do one of the following: 


  • In the BobCAM CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click Job from Template.


  • In the BobCAM menu, click Job from Template.

  1. In the Job Template group, select a Job Template from the list.

  2. Click OK.

    The selected job template is added in the CAM Tree Manager.

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