Rolling Tap Parameters


This topic explains the operational parameters found in the Hole Wizard for the Rolling Tap Operation, and provides a link to the next topic.

Hole Groups (Mill Features)

Important: When defining the parameters (the Parameters page of the wizard) for drilling operations, be sure to select a group in the Hole Groups list before changing the parameters. Then make sure to define the parameters for all groups in the feature. However, note that center drill and chamfer operations do not have a Hole Groups list as these operations automatically use the same parameters for all groups in the feature.

Rolling Tap Operation Parameters

Operation Parameters

  • Use Cutting Conditions

Select the check box to use the values that are automatically calculated using the Cutting Conditions and selected feature parameters. This calculates the Overall Depth and Effective Depth for the operation.

Clear the check box to manually change the values that were automatically calculated.


Hole Groups

All current hole groups will be listed here. Select one, and adjust the depths for that group as needed.


  • Effective Depth - is the depth from the Top of Feature, excluding the tool tip.

  • Overall Depth - is the total depth from the Top of Part, including the tool tip. This value is output in the posted NC program.



MDI (Manual Data Input)

View the MDI topic.