Getting to Know the User Interface (UI)


This topic will introduce you to the User Interface, provide a short explanation of each component, and provide links to the main topic of particular components where applicable.

The User Interface

There are five main areas of the user interface. Learning about these five areas and the terminology that is used to describe them is an integral part of learning to use BobCAD-CAM software. Every action that is performed inside the software is handled through one of these areas. Click the links listed for detailed descriptions to start learning about each section of the user interface.


The CAM Tree Manager handles all of the machining features and operations. This is the main element of the BobCAM user interface.


The BobART Manager handles all image vectorization and emboss model creation for making 2D geometry or artistic 3D models (respectively) for machining.


The Post Manager displays the posted NC program and also provides options for saving or editing the program.


The BobCAM Command Manager tab contains buttons for some of the most-used functions of the software. The toolbars are primarily presented for convenience and speed of use, so that you do not need to return to menu after menu to repeat functions.


The BobCAM Help Menu is a submenu of the SolidWorks Help menu, which provides commands to the BobCAM local or online Help system, licensing, activation, and deauthorization, as well as access to the BobCAD-CAM Support website, and the About BobCAM system information.



Tip: When entering values into the text fields, mathematics can be used. To find out more, see the Math Functions topic.