In the Mill Turn post processor you can shift and scale the output for the machine axes defined in the Axis ID Manager.   The Axis ID aligns with the Scale # or Shift # in the same manor the prefix assignments are made.    The Post Blocks that define the global Shift and Scale blocks are found on:

         Scale – Post Blocks: 5100. thru 5149.

         Shift – Post Blocks: 5150 thru 5199.


With the Shift and Scale blocks it’s important to remember that these are applied Globally, meaning that they will always be applied regardless of the combination of components being output.  


NOTE: If you need to apply shifts or scaling but only when specific  combinations of machine components are being used together you can use the Shift and Scale Post Blocks found in the Zone section of the post processor.   See the Mill Turn Zone Post Blocks section of this guide for more details.