Deep Blue Marine Stays Profitable With BobCAD’s CAM Software

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Deep Blue & BobCAD CNC SoftwareEssentially a neighbor to BobCAD headquarters in Clearwater, Deep Blue Marine Products has been servicing the Tarpon Springs, Florida area for 20 years now. They use BobCAD-CAM software to create marine-grade starboard, acrylic and plastic marine accessories… a perfect fit for a business surrounded on 3 sides by water! “We are a manufacturer of marine accessories, all designed right here in Tarpon Springs. From concept to full production, we offer over 150 Deep Blue Marine branded products and have a full-time custom department for the ever-changing demand for products that are made to specification for our customer,” says Terry McClory of Deep Blue Marine Products.
BobCAD’s CAM software powers all 3 of their production machines; their largest machine being a 5’ x 12’ machine by C.R. Onsrud. They also use a smaller format industrial CNC machine for switch panels, engraving projects, sign plaquarts, etc… If you want something custom made, that’s not a problem at all. “The basic process for us (for customization) would be getting information from our customer which includes a customers sketch, template, broken part, or email detailing what is needed,” says McClory.

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Their marine products aren’t just loved locally in Florida, they are enjoyed all around the world. “We have done projects for customers around the world; from small one-off parts to large complex assemblies, including several boat designs up to 39′. We have a very strong export business for our product line as well as custom parts. Our customers find us easy to work with and although sending product around the world may seem complicated, it is made easier here by our staff with the ability to show renderings and design stages made in BobCAD,” says McClory.
Deep Blue Marine Products has been using BobCAD-CAM software for over 15 years now and it’s easy to see why. Although Deep Blue has a couple other CAM systems in their shop, BobCAD remains their primary one. But, beyond powerful and affordable software, BobCAD prides itself on having a reputation for good support & customer service. “BobCAD seems well organized and when learning a new version you need to have knowledgeable people to make this happen. We keep going back to BobCAD for good reason, customer service and functionality. There are a lot of other CAD-CAM products out there and we do try new software to stay on top of the manufacturing business and BobCAD helps us do just that at a reasonable cost and knowledgeable support staff,” says McClory. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

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Deep Blue Marine Stays Profitable With BobCAD’s CAM Software
Deep Blue Marine uses BobCAD's CAM software to create marine-grade starboard, acrylic, and plastic marine accessories for users all over the world.
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