BobCAD-CAM Product FAQs

  1. Will a newer version of BobCAD replace or effect my older version of BobCAD?

    No, each new version of BobCAD-CAM software is an independent installation.

  2. What post processors do you have available?

    We have machine post processors available for most machines, they can be found here. If you cannot find a post for your specific machine type and controller model, we can make one for you.

  3. What are your software guarantees?

    BobCAD-CAM offers a 45-day return policy that guarantees all officially advertised functions and features. This list of features for each product can be found on our website. BobCAD-CAM also guarantees to work with you to create a post processor that will produce g-code for your machine. A fully detailed refund policy can be found here.

  4. What types of CAD files can BobCAD-CAM import?
    The current version of BobCAD-CAM imports:
    • .DXF
    • .DWG
    • .IGES / .IGS
    • .STEP / .STP
    • .ACIS
    • .SAT
    • Para-solids X_T X_B.
    • .CAD
    • .3DM
    • .SLDPRT
    • .STL
  5. What types of CNC machines does BobCAD-CAM software work with?

    BobCAD-CAM Software can be used to program the following g-code based CNC machines:

    • 2-5 Axis Horizontal and Vertical Mills
    • 2-5 Axis Lathes/Mill Turns
    • 2-5 Axis Routers
    • 2-5 Axis Lasers
    • 2-5 Axis Plasma Cutters
    • 2-5 Axis Waterjets
    • 2-4 Axis Wire EDM

    All other types machines are not supported by BobCAD-CAM.

  6. I’m not sure if my CNC machine will work with BobCAD-CAM. How can I check?

    BobCAD-CAM is guaranteed in writing to work with all supported ISO EIA g-code machines. All you need is to provide a working sample program and list of g & m code definitions, and we will provide a post to work with your machine.

  7. Are there any annual fees, or maintenance associated with the BobCAD-CAM software?

    No, there are no required annual fees or maintenance. Technical phone support is provided for free for the first 45 days to all new customers. There after, support can be obtained through our support forum or through the purchase of an annual support plan that best fits your shop. For more information on these support packages click here.

  8. How do I learn how to use the BobCAD-CAM software?

    BobCAD-CAM offers many training options, both self-guided and instructor lead. We offer training manuals and instructor lead videos. We also offer online training, on-site training and seminars in your area. For more information on all of our software training solutions click here.

  9. What limitations does the software demo have?

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    The demonstration version of BobCAD-CAM is limited to post only the first 10 lines of g-code. The demo does not include the simulation module or g-code editor. Files created in the demonstration cannot be opened in the licensed version. After 30 days, the software must be registered. Registration codes are given after purchase.

  10. What kind of licensing is available?

    BobCAD-CAM licenses are per seat, meaning each seat of software purchased can be used on one computer at a time only. Additional software licenses are required to activate additional computers. Licenses can be transferred from one computer to another via telephone registration.