Quick Tip: Feedrate Control for 3D Milling

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Feedrate Control Update for 3D Milling

Improvements to feedrate control make it’s way into one of the most used 3D machining toolpaths, equidistant offset.  This toolpath is popular with anyone using it due to its consistent finish along steep and shallow surfaces, unlike the planar and Z-level finish, which is suitable for one and not the other.

3D Milling Planar Shallow Surface

Planar- Best for Milling 3D Shallow Surfaces

3D Milling Z Level Steep Surfaces

Z Level  – Best for Milling 3D Steep Surfaces

Adaptive Stepover Options for 3D Milling


3D Milling adaptive stepover


Z Level and Planar both have options to adapt the stepover, adding additional passes to improve surface finish on either the steep or shallow areas.

Equidistant addresses both steep and shallow surface areas equally; for most, it’s their go-to semi-finish or finishing toolpath.

3D Milling Equidistant Surface Finish

New 3D Milling Feedrate Control

3D Milling Advanced Feedrate Control

To speed up a 3D Milling job have you turn the feed handle up and down, standing at the machine or making someone stand at the machine to help cut cycle times? This New option does it for you in the code, automatically taking your entered feedrate and reducing it by a % range as the tool changes directions on corner moves.

3D Milling Feedrate Corner Slowdown

Safe Feedrates are costing you money!

It’s true most shops turn to equidistant because it’s a powerhouse of a toolpath for 3D milling.  This toolpath climbs up, down, and over outside and inside corners.  The tool engagement spikes require slower federates to avoid tool breakages.  If you are running the whole job with a single feedrate, try this new feature!  Posting NC programs with feedrates that ramp up and down for you, allowing you the maximize machine time.

3D Milling Tool Engagement Spike

Recent updates put additional feedrate control to adjust lead in/out moves, up and down cutting, and now corner speed.

Use these override settings to ramp up and down federates where needed automatically.

3D Milling Feedrate control sample program

Feedrate control to optimize cycle time & Efficiency

Advanced Feedrate Control

Use feedrate control to reduce cycle times by as much at 90%!  Huge savings to be had for any manufacturer machining 3D parts with this popular toolpath operation. 


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