High Speed Machining

Posted July 23, 2013 11:43 am   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

cnc-software-high-speed-machiningHigh speed machining technology has existed for several years and is mostly known to allow the machinist to use more of the tool in cutting, take deeper cuts with a constant engagement of the tool at much higher speed and feed rates. Thus, reducing the amount of required machine time per job along with a host of benefits that include a reduction in “chatter” or machine vibration for machining centers by alternating small machining passes in order to avoid static and dynamic flexion of the walls of the part. The length of the cutting edge in contact with the workpiece is also often reduced in order to limit self-generated vibrations in machining thin-walled parts. These self-generated vibrations are related to the fact that the actual chip thickness depends also on the relative position between tool and workpiece during the previous tooth passage. Thus increasing vibrations may appear up to levels which can seriously degrade the machined surface quality and also result in tools breaking. The High Speed machine toolpath eliminates this issue because you can, in some cases, use up to 100% of the cutter while taking deeper depths of cut. The circular type tool motions provide optimum cutting motions at increased speeds.

High Speed Machine ToolpathTraditional slot milling or offset pocket milling toolpath has the tool cutting motion taking 90 degree right and left turns, stop and go type motions that cause a lot of unnecessary tool wear in many cases. In addition this can lead to excess wear and tear on the machine tool itself. The goal of High Speed machining (HSM) is to maximize cutting speeds while the tool is constantly engaged with the material, eliminating the majority of those tool collisions, unnecessary chatter/vibrations and produce optimum cutting conditions while greatly reducing the cycle times on these types of parts. CAD-CAM CNC Software is necessary to produce this type of trochoidal High Speed toolpath and optimized speeds and feeds for programming based off of the part model, tooling used and material data. CNC Software is not necessarily created to remove the machinists “know-how” factor, but more as a solution to programming efficiency and tool to increase the overall workflow of programming jobs. When it comes to High Speed Machining, it is highly recommended that CAD/CAM software be used in the programming phase to ensure best results.

The latest BobCAD-CAM cnc software provides advanced adaptive roughing and high speed machining strategies for open or closed wall part machining. Machining Wizards step the operator through the programming phase for high speed strategies which removes the guesswork and allows for optimum results faster. BobCAD-CAM has also released the technology to produce high speed machine toolpaths for multiaxis programming allowing cnc shops that program 4 and 5 axis parts the ability to use high speed machining technology for the first time ever.

You can Download a Free Demo of the cnc software HERE.

You can contact BobCAD-CAM directly at 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554 for more details on HSM toolpaths and cnc software.

2 responses to “High Speed Machining”

  1. Lucille G. Rivera says:

    So basically, high speed machining is used to increase production? I think this is great considering what it can do for a business when utilized. Plus, these machines are managed by a computer system, right? So less manpower is needed?


  2. Billy Jensen says:

    It is very hard for people to make tools or crafts without the aid of High Speed Machining. It is possible but it will take a very long time to perfect from detail to detail. This is the very reason why CAD-CAM was invented.

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