Innovation with Powerful CAD and CNC Programming with a Built-in CAM System Saves Time and Money

Posted January 17, 2017 2:15 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

Integrated CAD and CAM opens the door to higher production, manufacturing efficiency and limitless innovation for modern manufacturing.

bobcam for solidworks softwareIntegrated CAM software really is the right way to go for SOLIDWORKS™ CAD design software users in order to avoid the problems and challenges of part model translations, lengthy model verification tasks to get machining set properly and a lot more. In fact, there are few CAD & CAM software products that are affordable enough for anyone to turn a design sketched on a napkin and turn it into a 3D model and an actual machined, finished part. The concept is to open the door to limitless innovation and making real parts for use on everything from a common kitchen item to a part that goes to space inside the engine of a rocket. The challenge has always been to make it available to anyone, at costs that can be easily absorbed and all while keeping the technology powerful enough and easy enough to use at the same time. Technology has reached this goal. Common manufacturing challenges and others can all be solved by CNC programming right inside of SOLIDWORKS as the only alternative is to use an external CAD-CAM product that may only have SOLIDWORKS file translation features. The goal is to use a faster, more efficient process that streamlines and makes Design and Manufacturing profitable. Here are some of the top advantages of using an integrated Gold Partner CAM software inside of SOLIDWORKS.

Reaching Gold Partner Certification

CertGoldProductOne of the most important factors is that SOLIDWORKS has strict policies as to what products will qualify for the Gold Partner certificate. CAM software vendors that have walked this path know all too well that SOLIDWORKS has strict criteria that must be met. This requires the CAM provider to work with SOLIDWORKS developers to ensure that the CAM add-in is integrated correctly and works the way it should. Only then does the CAM software product receive their Gold Partner status. Along with this, SOLIDWORKS promotes the CAM add-in as a Gold Partner product on their main website.

A few years back, BobCAD-CAM decided to walk this road and developed an integrated CAM software that plugs directly into the interface of the latest SOLIDWORKS and provides complete 2.5, 3, 4 & 5 Axis CNC machining features including machine simulation that is modular.

Modular, meaning that each level of technology can be turned on and off. The result is that shops that only need 2.5 axis do not end up paying more for features that they simply don’t need. This makes BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS almost an instant hit for manufacturers. The BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS is in a class of its own, providing not only a great balance between cost and functionally as a Certified Gold Product SOLIDWORKS CAM add-in but it also fully takes advantage of SOLIDWORKS technology when it comes to machining capabilities for SOLIDWORKS Smart Models.

Great Advantages to Using BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS

bobcam for solidworks - Spiral Pocket 1The latest BobCAM software Add-in fully supports 2- 5 axis milling, 2 axis turning. As a 4th generation integrated CAM product, BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS joins the ranks of the best and well known Gold Partner CAM solutions rivaling functionally yet doing so at an affordable price. The goal is to provide an elevated level of performance when programming parts in their native designed environment. “Leveraging” the SOLIDWORKS environment is extremely powerful adding the flexibility you just wouldn’t have anywhere else.
1. Shorter Learning Curve
Since you and your team are already working in an environment they understand, SOLIDWORKS, then there are no additional learning curves to overcome outside of the CAM wizards for machining. This fact alone cuts the learning curve helping you get parts out the door faster!

2. Machining with Smart Models
Working in the SOLIDWORKS environment enables the BobCAM programmer to use critical feature settings right off the model, which you would otherwise have to select or define manually. This includes part machining depths and hole depths of a model. Utilizing SOLIDWORKS Features & Smart Models allows you to eliminate user error and provides a faster more efficient programming work flow.

3. Fast Toolpath Updates
BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS - Advanced Pocket Calc 1If you’ve ever programmed a job to completion and later were issued design changes that required you to update your part programming, you know how time consuming and frustrating this can be. Working in SOLIDWORKS you can update your toolpaths for design changes since your toolpath and design features are associated. When you make a change to one, you can quickly update the other.

4. Eliminate Data Translations Issues
When working inside of SOLIDWORKS there is no need to export your part files. This eliminates any possible data transition issues when migrating your designs from engineering to the CAM programming team. Every time a CAD file is saved and later imported into a separate CAM product there is a risk of the CAD geometry data being compromised. Not the case with SOLIDWORKS integrated CAM.

If you’re looking to program your 2-5 axis milling or 2 axis lathe parts right inside of SOLIDWORKS, Download BobCAM today and start leveraging your SOLIDWORKS environment for CAM machining.

Download a Free BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS CAM Demo Today! Click HERE

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