Intro to Wire EDM Q & A

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Where do I download wire post processors?

Go to to download your wire post processor. You’ll find the top navigation bar as a pull down.
download a post

When creating a taper profile can you work off wire frame geometry?

Yes both your 2 axis and 4 axis toolpaths can be driven off wire frame or surface edges.

Wire Path based off surface edges
Wire Path based off wire frame

How do you determine surface finish?

Cutting conditions and the number of skim passes determine finish quality.

Has Wire Changed from V28 to V29?

The basic workflow for V29 wire is the same as V28 with these added features.
– Backplot
– CAM Tree Groups
– Setup Sheet with Screenshot
– Simulation Enhancements

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Can you skip running the stock wizard and just program the wire path?

No, the stock wizard must be run to setup the stock and origin. The software will not let you create toolpath until these steps are done. What you can do is create a template file with the stock and origin already set up and merge new geometry in. This way you can “skip” the stock setup.

Can you snap to an intersection?

Yes, here are all the snap point options we offer.

Snap Points


Does changing the direction of cut also change the G41/ G42 posted value?

Yes, the wire software will post the proper cutter comp based on the direction of cut. When setting compensation you choose machine comp on for G41/42 to be post.

Comp Setting

Can you set multiple glue stops for a 2 Axis inside shapes?

No, you have an option for a single glue stop location. You can use stop points, to stop cutting at point locations so you can fixture for the slug. If you still need more that one tab you may choose to setup multiple 2 axis open features which would allow you to program multiple glue stop locations.

2 Axis with tab
2 Axis with tab and stop points

*glues stop, tab, & tags are different words to describe material left that connects the slug to the part geometry. The slug being the material being cut from the stock.

How does G41/ G42 work on open profiles?

Cutter comp is based on the direction of the cut. If you are cutting clockwise the software will post a left comp or G41. If you are cutting counter clockwise the software will post a right comp, or G42.

2 axis open profile cutter comp

How do you choose a drilled start hole for your wire to start in?

On the leads page you have multiple option for lead types. Select point and point blend are 2 options that allow users to pick start point location(s) for the wire start position.

lead in types with points
Point blendSelect point (1)

Can you use a glue stop that stops short and then continues to profile skim passes?

Yes when program with a glue stop you have the option to stop with leads or without leads. If you choose without leads the wire location stays on your part profile.

Open shape with glue stop

Can you rough cut and skim cut your profile with the last step being a tab cut?

Yes, when working on an outside cut the process order would be to rough cut, skim cut and tab cut at the end.

When backplotting can you see where you are in the G-code?

No, the backplotting doesn’t display the G-code position.

Can you rough a profile, cut the tab, then rough and skim?

Yes, the order of operations can be displayed in the machining order dialog box. Which also gives users the control to change the order of operations for a operations or the entire job.

machining order (1)

In V19 you could select a glue stop option to a distance and the software would automatically set a stop at a certain distance without running the whole tab operation. Basically a preset stop option on a cut profile, does V29 have this option?

Yes, when using a glue stop the user sets the glue stop distance, the software will post the stop automatically.

Are the wire post processors as easy to edit as the mill & lathe post?


When programming in 4 axis do you have to use flatten geometry?

Yes, when working with 4 axis shapes it best to work with geometry that is flat within a plane. Using extract edges you can project your surface edges flat to a plane. You can also use project curves to a surface or a section view to gain “flat” wire frame geometry.

4 axis open shape

Is there a quick way to get the length of cut for a profile without creating toolpath?

Yes, you can select your open or closed chain , rt click and choose Entities Summary, which will display a report about the geometry selected including the total length of chains.

Entities summary

Can I get a recording of this webinar to review later?

Yes. All of our webinars are recorded and uploaded to our website HERE and YouTube channel.

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Get answers to all of the important questions about 2 & 4 axis Wire EDM with BobCAD-CAM software .


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