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The All New V30


Powerful & Affordable CAD-CAM Software

BobCAD-CAM gives you access to one of the most extensive lines of CAD-CAM software systems on the market, so you can machine better parts faster and easier, for less. The latest Computer Aided Design & Manufacturing technology delivers a completely streamlined workflow, improved calculation speeds, better surface finishes, and much more!
This free CAD-CAM software demo allows you to generate CAD designs using wireframe, surfaces, and solid models, create efficient 2D & 3D programming using advanced surfacing toolpaths, and fully simulate your jobs for CNC mill, mill turn, lathe, router, plasma, laser, waterjet, and wire EDM machines.
New Features
The New V30 enhanced Lathe module from BobCAD-CAM

All New Lathe System

With the release of V30, BobCAD-CAM introduces the newly enhanced Lathe module. This is by far the most powerful CNC Lathe system ever with enhancements to the Feature types, new toolpath additions to every single operation.
Improved Milling features in BobCAD-CAM's V29 CAD-CAM Software

Improved Milling Performance

The new V30 system delivers tons of new features specifically designed to give you more control over where your tool does and doesn’t go. We’ve also improved a number of our toolpath calculations speeds by as much as 90%!
 Easy to Learn Wizard Driven Interface
 Completely Streamlined CAD-CAM Solution
 CAM Tree / Job Management
 Tool & Material Databases
 Dynamic Machining Strategies™
 2-5 Axis Toolpath Power
 Advanced Surfacing Toolpaths
 Multi-Tool Drilling Operations
 Full Simulation Capabilities
 Job Setup Sheets
 G-Code CNC Editor
 Customizable Post Processors
 RS232 Communications & DNC

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“As a machinist with nearly 25 years in the industry, BobCAD-CAM has allowed me to not only reduce programming time, but also to create programs that reduce runtime, and increase tool life, effectively dropping our cost of production.”
Steve Johnson | Lead Machinist | re:3D Inc.
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