BobCAD-CAM Features

CNC Software gives you the power to work more efficiently, take on bigger jobs and cut complex parts. Our newly redesigned interface speeds up workflow by incorporating a modern look that features ribbon bar navigation. With updates to both CAD and CAM features, you’ll get the incredible power to boost your shop’s performance.
Modular CAD-CAM
Bundle a software package to meet your shop’s job requirements, from 3 AXIS Milling to complex Turning and Multiaxis projects. Also available for Wire and Router manufacturing requirements.
Support & Training
Your success is our success and our professional in-house support team is there to provide the technical advice you need to get the job done. We offer support plans for different budgets.
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NEW FEATURE: Redesigned User Interface

The newly redesigned user interface features a modern, Ribbon-style UI. This will help users discover functions easier. With the intuitive organization of the interface, users will be able to remember where functions are easier, and as the software grows, it will be much easier to find new functions in already familiar groups. Discover all the exciting and powerful new features in BobCAD-CAM V34.


BobCAD-CAM software delivers the functionality you need to program everything from simple engraving, profile, pocket and hole cycles, to complex simultaneous 4 & 5 axis milling routines. It incorporates a full range of sophisticated, efficient and modern machining strategies through a simple wizard-driven interface that makes programming quicker & easier, even for new and occasional users. Dynamic Machining Strategies™ minimize your programming while advanced solid simulation lets you test and confirm your work, giving you confidence in your part programming.

Standard File Translators

Compatible with a large variety of industry-standard file formats, giving you the flexibility needed when working with client files. (DXF, DWG, IGES, STEP, SAT, 3DM, X_T, X_B, SLDPRT, STL)

Reporting Tools

Standard reporting tools provide insight to your part programming that aid in processing, planning, quoting and toolpath execution.

Post Processor Library

A large library of downloadable, user-editable post processors that support machine types, configuration and controllers on old & new machine tools.

4/5 Axis Milling

True, full-featured simultaneous toolpath strategies for advanced multiaxis part programming. Controlling tool tilt, avoid areas and feed rate mapping that unlocks the full potential of your 4 & 5 axis CNCs.

Hole Making

Program through, blind and cross holes using your machine's canned cycles or long code. Built-in thread library for sizes and setting when tapping or thread milling.

Solid Simulation

Utilize your machine’s configuration & kinematics to test and confirm your mill programming before ever cutting a chip. Use it to view the complete milling process, detect machined part deviations & collisions, calculate cycle times, and more!

2D/3D Toolpath

Offering a wide variety of powerful Toolpath strategies for 2, 2 ½ and 3D cycles. More powerful and efficient than conversational programming.

Multiple Job & Multiple Setups

Program multiple machining centers and part operations in a single Job Tree. Easily create setups for any part orientation using BobCAD-CAM’s dynamic part origin to define the toolpath’s work offset.

Solutions For:
Mill  |  Mill Turn  |  Lathe  |  Router  |  Laser  |  Plasma  |  Waterjet  |   Art
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“BobCAD has made my life easy because it was so easy to learn. It was easy to pick up and it translates onto the machine. So if you’re getting into machining, learning machining, it’s a great way to go.”
Jon Owen | Development Coach | USA Luge
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“Best value for the money – I own an engineering firm, and BobCAD is one of my most critical tools to earn money and get projects done. When I hand off parts to the manufacturer, I know they are already optimized for machining because we did them in house first.”
Jason Kocher | CEO at Aqua Engineering, LLC
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“What I love about BobCAD is that it allowed me to start from ground zero. They had excellent training and a lot of resources. It really took an intimidating subject and made it simple for me. Not only in the sense of how to learn it but also cost-wise. It was a very viable option.”
Andy McConnell | Blacksmith | CAM Forge Tool
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“When it comes to programming complex parts, BobCAD-CAM’s toolpaths and simulation are second to none. Once I’ve created my toolpaths, simulation makes it easy to check my work and make sure everything looks right so I’m not wasting machine time or materials. Best of all, BobCAD-CAM’s tech support is always there to help if I get stuck.”
Bill Hamrick | Integrity Machining Inc.

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See Why Shops around the World use BobCAD-CAM, Download & Try V34 for Free Today
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