Nesting CAD-CAM for Sheet Optimizing Eliminates Waste in Production Machining

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Nesting CAD-CAM Software for Production MachiningClearwater, FL – Nesting CAD-CAM software is used to make the most our of your material when you have to machine many different shapes out of your material. Nesting software is mostly used for CNC Routing, Water Jet, Laser and Plasma Machining. And the BobCAD-CAM software posting can be changed to suit the machine being programmed very easily.

The important benefits from nesting is that your parts are positioned in the most efficient way possible based off of the number of parts you need to cut and the size of the material you will be using. Typically the first stage of the nesting process is to draw or import the part shapes that will be used.CAD Nesting ShapesOnce the parts or part shapes are loaded into the CAD design workspace, the operator can launch the job set up wizard in BobCAD and choose the nesting option to launch the wizard.
Machine wizards are used to help the operator step through the CAD-CAM process without missing anything while removing the guesswork from it all. In this case the Nesting Wizard allows the operator to load multiple CAD files all at once or individually pick them from the design workspace. Once the parts are loaded into the wizard they can be assigned a nesting “priority” and whether they will be a “Part In Part” type shape. Part in Part refers to a shape that can be placed inside a larger shapes opening to further take advantage of material. Thus eliminating waste.
Shape Nesting Edit BoxThe next stage of the process is to define the material size, add multiple sheets and more. Moving forward, the operator can choose tools for profiling, creating dados and choose drilling tools for creating any required holes. This stage includes depth settings. The operator may want to leave a thin layer of material that the bottom between each shape or not. Lastly, a machining pattern can be decided upon and part tabs can be created.
cad-cam nesting tabs for materialOne the wizard is complete the operator clicks the “Compute” button and the complete nesting job is automatically populated and loaded into the CAM Job Tree Manager. If additional customizations are needed the operator can access editing features in the CAM Job Tree for each different feature. These can include items such as depth setting, speeds and feeds, tools and lead-ins or lead-outs. Basically the nesting job is completely customizable regardless of how many shapes or things are being done by the machine. The Nesting software is really an engine to position these shapes in the most efficient way possible while offering all of the necessary functionality along with it to suit the machining side of the process. A lot of control is given to the operator.

The last stage of the process is to generate the nested sheet and the toolpath for machining. Simulation is accessible right within the CAM Job Tree as well so that the operator can inspect the machine cutting before sending the NC program to the machine.cad-cam-software-for-nesting-and-sheet-optimizing
Nesting software is a valuable utility as you will be able to cut more shapes using less material through efficiency. However that’s not all. Nesting CAD-CAM will also optimize the toolpath to cut in the most efficient pattern possible going from one part to the next. Added controls allow you to set the general direction of the machining from left to right or from the lower left going upward. The operator to use these setting. Sometimes it is important because of material grain and other reasons. The BobCAD-CAM Nesting add-on is both easy to use and it’s affordable enough for any machine shop to acquire for all of these great benefits.

Here is a brief video to demonstrate the process…

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Nesting CAD-CAM for Sheet Optimizing Eliminates Waste in Production Machining
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Nesting CAD-CAM for Sheet Optimizing Eliminates Waste in Production Machining
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