New Hobby CAD/CAM CNC Software Release

Posted June 3, 2013 6:50 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

BobCAD-CAM, Inc has just released their new Version 25 Express Hobby CAD/CAM software for the DIY network of home machinists and hobbyists everywhere, which includes basically anyone with a CNC mill, router, burning table, laser, waterjet and even plasma machine that wants to design and make parts. The new V25 Express is their answer to their largely popular Version 21 Hobby CAD/CAM software in terms of an upgrade to the thousands of customers that currently own it as well as the ever-growing population of individuals out there that have a cnc machine and something they want to make.

The V25 Express software integrates CAD Design with CAM – CNC machining technology into one high powered 2D CAD/CAM program that has been developed for ease of use and priced affordable enough for the hobbyists and even start-up cnc shops. The software uses the same technology as their latest 3, 4 & 5 Axis cnc software products, it’s only scaled down so that you don’t have to pay more for higher level machining technology while still being able to access the foundation of their core cad-cam products. This includes their Hybrid solid modeling capabilities, design and editing functionality through to the latest in CAM Job Tree Management and Wizard Driven machining strategies. The new V25 Express Hobby CNC Software provides a wide range to 2D machining functionality including:

– Multi-Tool Hole Drilling
– Profiling
– Pocketing w/island avoidance
– Facing
– Engraving
– Plunge Roughing
– Thread Milling

Also included was the 3 Axis Slice Planar toolpath as a bonus so that more complex part geometry or contours could be machined. The 3D Planar toolpath can be used for roughing as well as finishing operations.
hobby-cnc-software-cad-cam Because the 3D Planar machining operation has been included, the BobART artistic add-on software can be added which further allows hobbyiosts the ability to build on functionality whenever they need it. The V25 Express can also be upgraded down the road to the higher versions of BobCAD-CAM software modules as “add-on” prices. This makes it easier for shops to grow or hobbyists to add power at a later date. The Version 25 Express software opens the door to being able to access unrivaled cnc machining technology for the cost. It’s really going to help people get busy making great parts with their cnc machines at a great low price!

3 responses to “New Hobby CAD/CAM CNC Software Release”

  1. Doug Berrow says:

    I’m an old hand routerer for years and just bought a nice used machine that should do all the stuff I do in half the time or less. I work with wood, plastic and engraving. The cnc came with mach3 demo and probotix. I know I need to buy it out right first, demo only has 500 lines of G-C which is a roadrunner but can’t cut it completely, it runs on windows xp. I’m a newbee, how friendly is your software, is it compatible with mine and can I go from draw to g-code to cutting. I hope it’s user friendly and please tell me the cost of this hobby program.

  2. Doug Berrow says:

    Since I wrote the above, I have used Paint/Microsoft for all my works. However, they work ok for the most part but not much there. I need a user friendly software to help me create and edit the things I’m trying to do. Your software sounds like I can do most anything I want. I am on fixed income trying to supplement. I want to do the free trial first to see if it works for me. But I need to know what this version will cost me…thanks…Goug

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