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BobCAD-CAM Partner Products

*DIGITAL ONLY indicates that the product is an add-on module and resides within the core V33 software, with the exception of Machinist Toolbox. The add-ons modules must be activated after purchase by calling 877-262-2231. The Machinist Toolbox software will be sent to you via email.

With Mach3 you can design parts or import them into BobCAD-CAM, generate the toolpath and with one click of a button, launch Mach3 and execute the NC program all in one easy to use system!.

Only $200.00

With DXF (Direct Exchange Format) you have over 6000 DXF files including theme designs, borders, fonts, numbers, floral, animals and more. Perfect for Milling, Routing, Laser, Water jet & Burning Machine.

Only $199.00

Machinist ToolBox™

The Machinist Toolbox is a popular shop software utility for CNC machinists everywhere! Every CNC machinist needs fast access to optimized speed and feed calculations for Milling, Drilling and more.

Only $100.00

SOLIDWORKS Parts & Assembly


SOLIDWORKS™ Parts & Assemblies is the right choice to add-on to your BobCAD-CAM software. With Parts & Assemblies you will maximize your productivity and focus on innovation to create products better, faster, and more cost-effectively.



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