BobCAM 5 Axis CAD-CAM Standard

BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS is a Gold Partner CAM Add-On, part of the BobCAM family of products which includes it’s stand alone BobCAD, and BobCAM for RHINO, CAM Add-On for RHINO. Providing faster access to strategic machining operations for simple or complex parts. The latest 5 Axis modules gives you powerful wizard driven machining strategies that are effective and easy to use. This includes 3+1 Positioning, 3+2 Positioning and 5 Axis wireframe-based trimming functionality and much more. The BobCAM for SOLIDWORKS 5 Axis Standard module also includes all of the 3 Axis Standard module toolpaths, multiple machine setups, customizable posting capabilities and machine simulation.



Machining Features5 Axis Mill
5 Axis Mill
5 Axis Mill
4 Axis Indexing
4 Axis Wrapping
4 Axis Simulation 
4 Axis Rotary
Advanced Rough
4 Axis Rotary
Advanced Finish
4 Axis Rotary
5 Axis Indexing
5 Axis Trimming
3+5 Axis Conversion
5 Axis Simultaneous 
5 Axis Deburring 
Turn Milling 
Undercut Toolpath 
Flow Toolpath 
Parallel Cuts 
Multi-Axis Roughing 
SWARF Milling 
Surface-Based Toolpaths 
Multi-Axis High Speed
Adaptive Roughing
Cuts Along a Curve 
Morph Between 2 Curves 
Parallel to Multiple Curves 
Project Curves 
Morph Between Surfaces 
Full Maching Simulation 
Auto 3+2 Roughing


Port Machining


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