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BobCAD-CAM Mill Turn

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BobCAD-CAM Mill Turn software

CNC Programming for Mill Turn has never been this easy!

Mill Turn is a complete multi-tasking CAD-CAM software that combines all of the powerful CNC programming functionality of both Milling and Turning into a single streamlined machining solution. BobCAD-CAM’s multi-tasking CNC software delivers high-performance features in an easy to use interface, designed to meet the complex programming demands of Mill Turn machining.

NEW FEATURE: Redesigned User Interface

The newly redesigned user interface features a modern, ribbon-style UI. The intuitive organization of the new interface simplifies the process of discovering and remembering where important functions are located. Also, as the software grows any additional functions you add will already be organized into familiar groups. Discover all the exciting and powerful new features in BobCAD-CAM V31.


Spend more time running parts and less time programming with BobCAD’s Mill Turn CNC software for Live Tooling lathes that use C-axis. Use your main or sub spindle, upper or lower turret, part catcher, tails stock, Y-axis and more with our standard Mill Turn package. BobCAD’s simple wizard-driven interface makes programming quicker and easier. 5-axis turning centers that use a B-axis ( Milling head ) are fully supported, allowing for complex multi-tasking machines with up to 10 turrets and 10 spindles. BobCAD-CAM gives you the control to easily program intricate features and compound angles found on parts for medical, aerospace, oil & gas, automotive, consumer products and many more.

2-Axis Turning

Use toolpath operations for OD, ID, Front Face or Back Face turning with any turret or spindle.

2D / 3D Milling

Use 2D and 3D toolpath operations on the Face, OD or index location of your part with more control and options than conversational or conversion codes.

G-Code Output

Choose from Longhand code, Y-axis mode, or polar interpolation formats. This gives you the control to choose the best output supported by your machine and for your operation.

Multi-Spindle & Turret Programming

Programming on your main or sub-spindle with your upper or lower turret using BobCAD's sub-machine work-groups.

Cross Drilling

Use cross drilling to automatically find and program holes that intersect with your part's centerline. This feature eliminates the need to select holes individually.

B-Axis Milling Head

Use your machine's Mill head for 5-axis positioning and contour Milling, unlocking true 5-axis programming on your Mill Turn center.

Machine Simulation

Check for collisions with your machine components, turrets, adaptors, and tooling. This gives you peace of mind that your toolpath is error & collision free.

MDI Programming

Add a custom programming block before & after tool changes or at the end of operations. Used to control turret location, part catchers, steady rests and more. Also used to store programming blocks for part transfers and other Feedback Web results auxiliary functions.

Tool Crib

Customize Tool and Adapter locations with mounting orientations. Use the shelf to store common tooling used in recent projects. Easily unmount and change station locations to optimize configurations.

Toolpath Pattern

Make copies of your toolpath based on an array, translate, rotate or points. This allows you to program multiple instances of a single feature, setup or group.


CAD Design Tree
Dynamic Drawing
Shape Library
2D / 3D Wireframes
2D Booleans
Project to Z Planes
Cross Section Viewing
2D & 3D Geometry Creation Tools
Surface Construction
Solid Modeling
Solids Boolean Operations & Surface Editing
CAD Utilities, Translation, Mirroring, Stitching & Unstitching
Gear, CAMs & Sprocket Design Wizards
Bolt Hole & Grid Patterns
Text / Font Features & Complete Part Dimensioning
Geometry Cleanup & Optimize with Erase Double Entities
CAD Data Translation & Interoperability
Tool Crib
Job Setup Wizard
Dynamic Machining Strategies™
Copy & Paste Operations
Expand & Collapse in Tree
Customizable Setup Sheets
Stock Wizard
Multiple Machine Setups
Material Speed & Feed Library
Tool Holder Library
Individual & Compound Drilling Operations
Tool Database
Material Based Calculated Feeds & Speeds
Ability to Save & Load Features
3D Simulation
Work Offset Selection
Coolant Selection
Sub Program Output
3D Arc Fit – G17, G18, & G19 Plane Cutting
Associative CAM Tree
OD/ID Rouging
OD/ID Finishing
OD/ID Grooving
Cut Off with Chamfer & Fillet Corner Break Options
Stock Feed
Pattern Repeat Cycles
Auto-Assignment of Finish Passes
2.5 Axis
  • Profiling
  • Pocketing
  • Engraving
  • High Speed Pocketing
  • Thread Milling
  • Plunge Roughing
  • Facing
  • Chamfering
  • Rest Machining
3 Axis
  • 3 Axis Wireframe
  • 3 Axis Planar
  • 3 Axis Spiral
  • 3 Axis Engraving
  • 3 Axis Radial
  • 3D Plunge Roughing
  • Z Level Roughing
  • Z Level Finishing
  • Advanced Roughing
  • Flatlands
  • Equidistant Offset
  • Pencil
  • High Speed Roughing
  • Rest Machining
4 Axis
  • Indexing
  • Wrapping
  • Rotary

5 Axis
  • SWARF Machining
  • High Speed Multiaxis Roughing
  • Trimming
  • Indexing
Surface Based Toolpath (3, 4, & 5 Axis Output)
  • Parallel Cuts
  • Cuts Along Curve
  • Morph Between 2 Curves
  • Project Curves
  • Morph Between Surfaces
  • Parallel to Surface

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