Predator Virtual CNC™

What is Predator Virtual CNC

Predator Virtual CNC for BobCAD-CAM is an affordable upgrade to provide toolpath verification and simulation. BobCAD-CAM V21 and older customers must upgrade to the BobCAD-CAM V24 edition to use the Predator Virtual CNC software. Three levels are available exclusively from BobCAD-CAM.

Predator Virtual CNC
Predator Virtual CNC


Why Predator Virtual CNC?

Level 1

  • Animation Style Verification
  • Zoom, Pan and Fit
  • VCR Operation (Play, Stop, Single Step, Rewind)
  • 2 & 3 Axis Milling
  • Single Square Stock Shape (Milling)
  • Standard Milling Tools (Flat, Ball, Bullnose & Drill)
  • Rapid Tool Collision Checking (Flute Only)
  • 2 Axis Turning
  • Single Cylinder Stock Shape (Turning)
  • All Lathe Tool Types (Except Custom)
  • Rapid Tool Collision Checking (Insert Only)


Level 2

Includes all features of Level 1 plus:
  • Standard Fixture Shapes (Single and Multiple)
  • Fixture Collision Checking
  • Background Color Configuration
  • Multiple Standard Stock Shapes
  • Tool Shank Checking (Milling)
  • Tool Holder Checking (Milling and Turning)
  • Cycle Time
  • Copy Images to Clipboard
  • Cut Sections
  • ¾ Lathe Section Views (Part ID)
  • 1 Second Zooms, Pans, Fits, Rotations, Views
  • Zoom, Pan, Fit Rotate, View while Cutting
  • Deep Zoom (Solid)
  • STL based Fixtures)
  • Part Inspection
  • Material Removed
  • Dovetail Tools (Milling)
  • Radius Tools (Milling)
  • Chamfer Tools (Milling)
  • Tapered Ball Tools (Milling)
  • Tapered Bullnose Tools (Milling)
  • Backstep (Adds Material Back to Stock)
  • Translucent Stock and Fixtures
  • Translucent Tools


Predator Virtual CNC System Requirements

Support for the following minimum computer hardware is required for v9:

  • Pentium 4, AMD Athlon or newer CPU
  • 40 GB or larger hard drive
  • 512 MB or more RAM
  • Mouse
  • USB Port
  • Serial Ports – for DNC communication

NOTE: A nVidia, AMD or 3DLabs based graphics card is highly recommended for Predator Virtual CNC. Like most CAD/CAM systems Predator Virtual CNC will often require high end PC components to support large and complex 3D simulations for optimum performance.


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