Quick Tip: 4 Axis CNC Router How To Index

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If you are just getting started with 4 Axis cnc router, indexing is likely the first feature you’ll need to master. Using an index system, you can automatically rotate your job to any position, making it easy to program part features found at different angular locations.

What is a 4 Axis CNC used for, and how does it differ from the other axes on the CNC router?

The fourth axis is typically used for rotating the workpiece during the cutting process. This allows for more complex shapes and cuts that are impossible with only three axes. The fourth axis is different from the other axes because it is rotational, whereas the other three are linear.

How do I physically set up the 4 Axis on the CNC machine? Is there anything special I need to do or consider?

4 Axis cnc router

Setting up the fourth axis on a CNC router will depend on the specific machine you are using. However, some common considerations include ensuring that the fourth axis is securely mounted and calibrated properly.

What software do I need to program the CNC router with a 4 Axis, and where can I get it?

To program a CNC router with a fourth axis, you will need CAD CAM software that supports 4-axis machining. Popular options include 4 Axis Standard & 4 Axis Professional CAD-CAM packages.  You can purchase this software by calling 727-442-3554 and asking to speak with an account manager.

How do I create 4 Axis toolpaths in the software, and what are the best practices for doing so?

4 axis router rotary

Creating 4-axis toolpaths in BobCAD CAM  will involve specifying your machine setup location as to align with your rotary axis, along with additional toolpath settings adjusted for the tool and material. Best practices include ensuring that the toolpath is efficient and avoiding collisions between the tool and the workpiece, fixture, and machine components. 

How do I test and simulate the toolpaths before actually running them on the 4 Axis CNC router?

BobAD CAM software includes simulation tools that allow you to test and refine your toolpaths before running them on the actual machine. This is important for ensuring accuracy and avoiding costly mistakes.

What kind of materials can I use with the 4 Axis, and what are the limitations?

4 Axis Router Wood

The types of materials you can use with a CNC router and fourth axis will depend on the specific machine and the tools you are using. However, some common materials include wood, plastics, and metals. The limitations will depend on the capabilities of the machine and the specific tooling you are using.

What are some common mistakes or pitfalls to avoid when programming a CNC router with a 4 Axis?

Common mistakes include improper post-processors, inefficient toolpaths, and collisions. Get proper training and software so you avoid these pitfalls.

How do I troubleshoot common issues that may arise when using a CNC router with a 4 Axis?

Troubleshooting will depend on the specific issue you are experiencing. However, having a solid understanding of the machine and its capabilities, as well as proper training, can help you identify and resolve issues more quickly. Our customers call 727-442-3554 to speak with our support team members, and if a question requires hands-on’s training, they schedule and hour of one on one screen sharing to walk through the topic thoroughly, ensuring understanding and intended results.

What resources are available for learning more about programming and using a CNC router with a 4 Axis?

4 Axis Router Seminars

Many resources are available for learning more about programming and using a CNC router with a fourth axis. These include online tutorials, user forums, one-on-one, and professional training seminars. CAD CAM software providers often offer training and support to help users get up to speed quickly.

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