Spicer Machine and Tool Flies High With BobCAD-CAM CNC Software

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Spicer Machine and Tool is owned and operated by Sonny Spicer, getting started in 2001 as a small Kentucky machine shop with some manual machinery. “I got a ProtoTRAK SMX CNC Mill machine, starting out with a 2 and doing things manually. Then we switched to a 3 Axis SMX control. We came down to Florida and took a BobCAD training seminar on version 23. Before I got home, they had built me a post and it made life so much easier. It was way easier than doing it at the ProtoTRAK. As I started surfacing 3D profiles, it wasn’t feasible to do it on a protoTRAK anymore, so I got a Haas”, said Spicer. After he got his Haas machine, he had to get 2 more due to how much business he was taking on.

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As his shop grew, Sonny got more employees and more machines. Today, he and his employees are doing some really high-profile machining for the automotive and aerospace industries… all with BobCAD-CAM software! “We are running everything from 1 to 20 parts, trying to stay within that range, but we do have orders in the thousands of pieces,” says Spicer. When asked to go into more details, he declined, due to the sensitive nature of the parts he is designing. He did say, however, that there is a lot of surfacing, contouring, drilling and tapping involved in his process. Spicer goes on to say, “I do use other software in my shop, like SOLIDWORKS, but it’s for different features that I need to do. Usually, I use BobCAD and SOLIDWORKS together.”
Since his parts require a lot of detail, Sonny decided to not only get the latest version of BobCAD software (Version 30), but also in-house training on it from BobCAD. So, he recently came back to our headquarters in Clearwater, Florida to get some personalized, hands-on training in V30 with a BobCAD CAD-CAM specialist. He had this to say about his experience: “I have used expensive, brand name CAD-CAM software and, for the money, BobCAD is the best value for the money that’s out there. What you can do with it for the amount of value that you get, hands down I would pick BobCAD all over again. I really like the people there, they have been really nice to me and helped me out a bunch,” says Spicer. All in a day’s work for the folks at BobCAD.
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Spicer Machine and Tool Flies High With BobCAD-CAM CNC Software
Spicer Machine and Tool is a small machine shop in Kentucky owned and operated by Sonny Spicer. Learn about how he stays successful using BobCAD's CAM software.
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