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Published on September 1st, 2017 in Case Studies

There’s no doubt CAD-CAM is the answer to increasing efficiency in the CNC programming environment. But what makes our users successful is not only having a post processor that is set up correctly but the ability to have access to training videos that help them master the software.

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CAD software V30 Q&A
Published on September 1st, 2017 in Articles, Tutorials

  You’re one click away from subscribing to BobCAD’s YouTube channel. Access more webinars like this and much more!   What can you do to sharpen the display of geometry? You can change the wireframe and surface/solid display accuracy, or you could toggle on antialiasing.                     […]

Lathe from BobCAD-CAM
Published on August 29th, 2017 in Articles

Upgrades to Lathe in BobCAD-CAM V30 were implemented with the goal of making our software more powerful, versatile and user-friendly than previous versions. We kept a lot of great things from those previous versions, but customer feedback inspired our newest CAD-CAM software release. Our End Face and Groove features provide users the ability to define […]

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Plasma Cutting
Published on August 29th, 2017 in Articles

Every good machinist understands the value of powerful CAD-CAM software that will not only give them their best cuts but also speed up their productivity. Good CAD-CAM software is particularly necessary when operating CNC Plasma machines. The idea for Plasma Cutting was originally developed in the 1950s and rapidly developed to replace a lot of […]

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Finishing Toolpath
Published on August 25th, 2017 in Articles

Good CAM software is equally as important to manufacturers as the powerful machines and tools they use to cut desired parts. Machine shops of all sizes and budgets are reaping the benefits of good CAM software beyond efficiently programming their machining jobs. Users can structure their job, set their Toolpath, then use the simulation function […]

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Enhanced Machine Simulation
Published on August 18th, 2017 in Articles

BobCAD-CAM’s commitment to producing the most powerful and user-friendly CNC software can be seen in their latest enhancements to Machine Simulation. BobCAD-CAM V30 provides advanced CNC Machine Simulation that eliminates costly mistakes before they happen, giving machinists greater insight on their cycle times, keeping them at the top of their game. Program your machine’s exact […]

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Published on August 14th, 2017 in Articles

In the previous version of our CAM software, we provided an Update All Geometry feature in the CAM Tree to quickly update changes made to your machine setup location or geometry.     This time, we took it further with BobCAD-CAM V30 making sure to save your start point locations and chain directions of your […]

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Network Licensing
Published on August 11th, 2017 in Articles

What is Network Licensing? BobCAD-CAM supports 2 different types of licensing for end users. First let’s look at what these types are an why you would use each. The two types are: Standard PC License Network License (Floating)

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Gene Baker Guitar 3
Published on August 11th, 2017 in Articles, Case Studies

Roscoe/b3 Guitars is a high end guitar and bass manufacture located in Greensboro, NC that manufactures a variety of instruments that can range in price from $2,500 to well over $6,000. Guitar construction uses a wide variety of raw materials from various woods, shell materials, plastics to metal parts. The artistry that goes into making […]

Published on August 10th, 2017 in Articles

In our BobCAD-CAM V30 release, we introduced a new method of filleting with the option to fillet an entire chain of entities, or multiple chains of entities at once. We brought that same functionality to the Chamfer function and added another option for both Fillet and Chamfer to give you three possible methods. -Single Corner […]

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