Top 5 Reasons CNC Shops Choose BobCAD-CAM CAD-CAM Software

Posted October 2, 2014 3:46 pm   Published by    BobCAD-CAM

After 28 years in CNC Automation and CAD-CAM software development, BobCAD-CAM is still continuing to learn more about their customers all the time. But there are some things that the pioneer CAD-CAM provider hears the loudest. Based on customer feedback and relations, here are the Top 5 Reasons CNC Shops Choose BobCAD-CAM as a major solution to CNC machine programming.






The number 1 reason why shops choose BobCAD-CAM products to program their CNC machines is the price. Pound for Pound, feature for feature BobCAD-CAM products offer the highest value for the price you pay. The low price is simply an added benefit! We are the world leader in Powerful and affordable CAD-CAM Software.






As a CAD-CAM provider, we take customer service seriously. When you need help, you need it now. We understand deadlines and the need to get answers fast. Our CAD-CAM technical support department is streamlined to deliver the highest quality of support in the shortest possible time. BobCAD-CAM has a system in place to support the customers right from the start. Once a CNC business purchases the software they are automatically scheduled for a service call within 7 business days from a new customer representative to help them install the product and proactively introduce them to the product. From there, our service department is a phone call or email away.






Learning how to use BobCAD-CAM products is easy! You can learn at your own pace with our video training program or you can attend a 3-day training seminar that we will hold in your area once or twice a year.   We are currently developing training centers all around the world providing local training on the latest BobCAD-CAM products delivered by seasoned industry professionals. We also offer other specialized training solutions that include on-on-one-web-based training sessions on an hourly basis depending on the customer needs.

In addition, BobCAD-CAM offers on-site training classes where we will come to your shop and in-house class training located at our world headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The bottom line is that we offer more training opportunities than any other CAM provider in the world.





The latest BobCAD-CAM software is quick to prove itself as a great CNC machining utility right out of the box. The latest software provides a simple user interface that can be modified easily by the user to support their day to day operations with customizable toolboxes and hot key setup. The addition of Machining wizards step the programmer through the machining process and Dynamic Machining Strategies™ make adding machining operations to a CAD feature of the part model even easier. These features are just two of hundreds of user friendly features that exist to speed up CAD-CAM programming and streamline productivity. The Latest V27 CAD-CAM software is a modern CAD-CAM product with a historical edge in that it represents the evolution of almost 30 years in CAD-CAM. Developed for all levels of user, BobCAD-CAM is one of the worlds leading CNC advanced productivity solutions in terms of usability and ease of use.






Simply put, BobCAD-CAM works the way you work.  You need software that works with your existing machines and machines that you may purchase down the road.   With BobCAD-CAM, you can choose from thousands of post processors that you can download right from our website. If we do not have your post available to download we will build a post that is guaranteed to run your machine. We want you to be up and running with our products successfully as fast as possible so that you can achieve the best return on your CAD-CAM investment!

These are the top 5 reasons CNC shops choose BobCAD-CAM software!

You can always contact BobCAD-CAM directly at 877-262-2231 or 727-442-3554 for how to increase your manufacturing productivity by adding CAD-CAM to your CNC toolkit!

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