4th and 5th Axis Getting Started

4&5 Axis Machine Setup Instructions

Step 1.

Watch the video below, it explains what needs to be configured within BobCAD-CAM software for 4-5 Axis machining.


Step 2.

Complete the post request form found here… Post Request

Be sure to include the following…

  • At least one NC Program known to work that includes Multi-axis motion.
  • A list of accepted G/M codes
  • Examples and complete descriptions of all desired machining canned cycles

Allow up to eight weeks for post completion.

Upon completion of your post-processor we will contact you to schedule a time to assist you with the installation.


Step 3.

If you have problem finding the center of rotation for the rotation axes, you can download the how-to form based on your machine type.


Should you need assistance with any of these instructions, contact support at (727) 489-0003