v26 BobCAD-CAM Wire EDM Training Videos

BobCAD-CAM Wire EDM Training Professor Video Set

The Version 26 Training Professor Video Series for 2 & 4 Axis Axis Wire EDM is a comprehensive training series geared to help you master your v26 Wire EDM CAD/CAM system at your own pace.

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The New Wire EDM Training Professor Video Series contains:

  • 30+ Individual Training Videos
  • Associated CAD Files for learning
  • Video Index Booklet

The training lessons also cover all Machining Operations including Machine Configuration, Cutting Conditions, creating toolpath machining strategies, post processing, and much more.

  • Learn to set up your software for programming your Wire EDM.
  • Learn to apply TOOLPATH PROGRAMMING strategies to part programming.
  • Learn to apply SIMULATION to avoid costly mistakes.

Lessons are self-contained and portable. Learn what you want, when you want, and where you want – in your office, in your shop, in your home, or on the road.
This new v26 Wire EDM training series is like having a personal training professor in a box, teaching you everything you need to know about the v26 BobCAD-CAM Wire EDM software from A to Z!

Learn to:

  • Fully customize the drawing interface
  • Over 160 geometry construction and editing features
  • Innovate using wireframes, surfaces and solids


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