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The NEW BobCAD-CAM v27 is Here!

CAD Design functionality is a major focus of the BobCAD-CAM v27 product as well as an overhaul of many existing 2D & 3D Design functions. The main idea was to bring a better design flow when editing or creating part files within the BobCAD-CAM CAD system in both 2D and 3D design. As well as all of these enhancements, a major enhancement to the Mill 3 Axis Pro module is also found in this release that includes 3 new toolpaths, as well as enhancements to the preexisting CAM machining operations now available with the Mill 3 Axis Pro module.

Here is what you can find in the New v27 CAD CAM software:
New CAD Design Tree
computer-aided-design-treeThe Solid Tree now added to BobCAD-CAM allows users to now be able to modify any step in their solid creation. In the past once a 3D model was created, the only way to modify a previous step was to either start over, or starting undoing back to the part that needed modified.
Now every solid / surface creation tool is added to the Solid Tree and is fully associated to the geometry used to create the solid model, allowing users to easily modify and make adjustments to their model.

v27 includes Dynamic Drawing. Many of the 2D geometry creation tools have been enhanced to allow simultaneous sketching and editing of values giving the user a better solution to draw parts they want more quickly. They can utilize both sketching and entering of values at the same time, instead of having to switch modes within the functions. 2D geometry creation tools have been enhanced to utilize Dynamic Drawing functionality and is added to Line Sketch, Line Continuous, ARC Sketch, Rectangle, Ellipse and Drag Corner features. This is also expanded to the Solid creation, in which a majority of the Solid and Surface Creation Tools allow the user to dynamically drag things close to the dimension they are looking for, then editing the values to the exact values they want!

Here is a list of some of the new v27 features:

New v27 Features Include YES
CAD Design Tree
Dynamic Drawing
2D Geometry Creation Tools
Solid & Surface Creation Tools
Shape Library
2D Booleans
Project to Z Inside Extract edges
Nonuniform Scaling
Extrude Boss
Extrude Cut
Solid Split
Cross Section View
Swung Surface
Ruled Surface
Mill 3 Axis Pro – Advanced Planar Up-Down Cutting
Adaptive Stepover
Multiple Passes on Full Width Cut
Trim Toolpath to Operation Stock
Enhanced Boundary Options – Tool Center, Tool Inside & Tool Outside
Advanced Planar REST Finishing
Advanced Planar Angle Range for Steep-Shallow Cutting
Mill 3 Axis Pro – Advanced Z-Level Finish
Advanced Z-Level Finish – Zig, Zig Zag & Spiral Cutting
Advanced Z-Level Finish – Start from Top or Bottom Cutting
Advanced Z-Level Finish – Adaptive Depth of Cut
Advanced Z-Level Finish – Boundary Options Tool Center, Tool Inside & Tool Outside
Advanced Z-Level Finish – REST Finishing
Machine Flatlands
Round Corners Option
Trim to Operation Stock
Project Curves
Enhanced Equidistant Offset Contour Operation with Drive Curves, Trim Operation Stock & Boundary Options
Enhanced Advanced Roughing Operation with Intermediate Slice Control, Trim to Operation Stock, Enhanced Linking & Angle Range for Steep or Shallow Cutting

The New v27 series of CAD-CAM products now supports the 3DConnexion 3D Mouse!
Find out more about the 3D Connexion Mouse HERE.

NOTE: The new v27 release also includes new enhancements and functionality for MultiAxis modules and the Wire EDM CAD-CAM product. Plerase visit these product pages for more details.


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BobCAD-CAM V27 Upgrade
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Customer Testimonials

“I began programming cnc’s around twenty years ago and have used many different cad/cam packages. I use BobCAD now and I have recommended you to numerous companies here in England and I am surprised that it is not the number one in the world. Please accept my thanks for your friendly and helpful team. I will insist on BobCAD wherever I might work in the future.”

G.H – Beaumanor Fluid Power Products

“Bob CAD-CAM is the best software I’ve ever used. The cost of other software’s don’t compare to the quality and useability that Bob-CAD offers. Being a Solid Works user we have now streamlined our engineering and design departments and merged the wood-shop together into one entity. Upgrading and keeping up with the newer versions every year keeps us on top of new technologies. I’ve using Bob-cad for 23 years since version 12. I’m really happy with all the progress and development. Keep up the great work. Thank you”

Scotty Bevilacqua - Bevilacqua Guitars

"Within hours of installing it on my computer, I was emailing a DXF file to a manufacturer to have my newly designed first parts waterjet cut."

Hot Rod Inlines

"We are confident we can make any part we quote on, and we know the results we are going to get with BobCAD are going to be excellent"

SE Model

"One perk about BobCAD is that our operators have very little editing at the machine because the programs from BobCAD are right the first time and make quality parts."

Foreman GW Tool & Die