Bcc.AddQuickAccessCommand({ButtonType, ButtonName, CallbackFuncName, ImageNameSmall, ToolTip, [ToolTip_2] })


This function is utilized to add a button to the Quick Access bar of ribbon within the BobCAD-CAM product to fire a Lua script.


The primary input of this function is a Table which can include the following keys:

  • ButtonType - Specify the type of item you want to add to the quick access bar.  
    • Omitting this key will default to creating a standard button.
    • Regular - creates a standard button
    • Separator - creates a vertical bar separator in the quick access bar. 
    • Toggle - creates a toggle button
  • ButtonName – The text that will be displayed as the feature name in the tool tip
  • CallbackFuncName – The function name that will be fired when the button is pressed
  • ButtonSize – The size of the button on the ribbon. Possible values are:
    • Large
    • Medium
    • Small
  • ImageNameSmall - The file name of the 16x16 PNG image used for display when the button state is large. If just using the filename, you must place this in an Image/16x16 folder in your plugin directory.  You may also specify the full path to the image.
  • ToolTip – A tooltip that is displayed when the mouse is hovered over the button.
  • ToolTip_2 – A second line of tool tip that can be displayed.


-- Add a button to the quick access bar that calls MyFunction

Bcc.AddQuickAccessCommand({ButtonName="Hello", CallbackFuncName="MyFunction", ImageNameSmall="image.png", ToolTip="Display this awesome tip!" })

-- Add a separator to the quick access bar for organization


-- Add a toggle button to the quick access toolbar

Bcc.AddQuickAccessCommand({ButtonType="Toggle", ButtonName="Toggle Button", CallbackFuncName="SetTheMode", ImageNameSmall="image1.png", ToolTip="Enable cool mode"})