This topic will explain the Deform function, describe where to find it, and the optionsfound in it.This topic will also provide quick steps on how to use it, and provide links to related topics.

The Deform Function

The Deform function is used to bend or manipulate an entity by dragging.To perform the function, you select geometry, and click to place the entity.

Snap Increment

This function support the use of the snap increment when selecting the location of the entities. The snap increment allows you to get precise results when using mouse selection and helps to reduce data entry modifications.


To learn more, view Snap Increment.

To open Deform:

  • In the Adjust group, of the Utilities ribbon, click Deform.

The Data Entry Parameters

  • Line Tolerance - sets the amount of movement allowed before the selected entity is deformed.

  • OK - has no use with this function.

  • Cancel - cancels the functionwhen finished.

Quick Steps - Deform

  1. Open the function.

  2. Adjust the Line Tolerance as needed.

  3. Click the entity to deform.

    The preview appears.

  4. Move your mouse to deform the entity.

  5. Click a location in the graphics area to set the size of the arc.

    The arc is placed.

  6. Repeat as necessary.

  7. Click Cancel to close the function.

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