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This topic will explain the Drag Corner function, describe where to find it, and the optionsfound in it.This topic will also provide quick steps on how to use it, and provide links to related topics.

The Drag Corner Function

The Drag Corner function is used to stretch multiple intersecting wireframeentities or the end of a single entity.To use Drag Corner with Intersectingentities, they must be broken at the intersection.

Dynamic Drawing

This function supports Dynamic Drawing which allows you to use a combination of sketching and data entry to create the entities. After initially sketching the entity, it becomes an active entity, which is an entity that is in Modify Mode. Entities in Modify Mode display in the current Entity color, but displays with a greater line thickness to make them easier to identify. Active entities can be modified using data entry. The benefit of Dynamic Drawing is that you can quickly sketch a point to get the approximate result and then use data entry to update to the exact dimensions, and coordinate values as needed.


Entities in Modify Mode

Final Entities


In the images above, we see entities which are still in Modify Mode, followed by those same entities after they are finalized.

Snap Increment

This function support the use of the snap increment when selecting the location of the entities. The snap increment allows you to get precise results when using mouse selection and helps to reduce data entry modifications.


To learn more, view Snap Increment.

To open Drag Corner:

  • In the Adjust group, of the Utilities ribbon,click Drag Corner.

The parameters display in the Data Entry Manager.

The Data Entry Parameters

To use the following parameters, first click an entity, click to placeit, then update the XYZ values in reference to the active UCS.The changeis reflected in the CAD preview.The snapincrement applies when clicking to place the corner.

New Corner Position

  • X - is the X-axis coordinateof the corner.
  • Y - is the Y-axis coordinateof the corner.
  • Z - is the Z-axis coordinateof the corner.

  • OK - finalizes the function.

  • Cancel - exits the function.

Quick Steps - Drag Corner

  1. Open the function.

  2. Click the corner to drag.

    The preview appears, and the values in the New Corner Position field update to show the current corner position.

  3. Move your mouse, and click a new position for the corner.

    The geometry is placed in modify mode to allow for updates to the parameter values.

  4. Update the New Corner Position values as needed.

  5. Click OK to finalize the function.

  6. Repeat as necessary.

  7. Click Cancel to close the function.

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