The layers Manager


This topic will provide a basic explanation of what a Layer is, explain the Layer Manager, will show where to find the Layer Manager initially, and provide a link for the topic that shows how to relocate the Layer Manager.


The Layers are what CAD geometry is created on. The default CAD layer is always visible in the Layers Manager. While the original CAD layer, cannot be deleted, it can be renamed. Any geometry, or dimensions, that are created, are automatically placed on the Active layer.

The Quick access menu

  • New Layer - adds a new layer to the list with the description available to be renamed. Type the name of the layer and press Enter.

  • New Group - adds a new group to the list with the description available to be renamed. Type the name of the group and press Enter.

  • Modify to Current Layer - places the currently selected entities on the active layer.

  • Move Out - moves the selected layer out of the group.

  • Move Up - moves the selected layer up the list.

  • Move Down - moves the selected layer down the list.

  • Delete Layer - removes the selected layer from the layers list. The layer must be empty, or it can't be deleted.

  • Use Layer Attributes - toggles whether or not the document colors and line styles are used, or whether the color and line styles assigned to the layer are used.

  • Move to New Group - creates a new group and immediately moves the currently selected layer to it.

  • Move to an Existing Group - opens the Group Selection dialog. This dialog lists all current groups, allowing you to select one to move the currently selected layer to. Select the group, and click OK.

The Layer Manager

The Layer Manager is located, by default, on the right side of the application. The location of the Layer Manager, however, can be adjusted to preference, as explained in the  Introduction to Docking Panes topic. The purpose of the Layers Manager is to provide a way to keep your CAD drawings organized. Layers can be hidden to only show certain aspects of a drawing, or you can place different versions of the same part on separate layers.  The Layers Manager can be used to specify a particular color and line style to use for each layer, and you can also select all the geometry on a given layer for use with other CAD functions or CAM features.

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