Lathe Thread Parameters


This topic will explain the Parameters page of the Lathe Thread operation and all the options found in it. This topic will also provide a link to the next topic.

The Parameters page

The Parameters page of the Lathe Thread operation contains the variables needed for the feature.



  • Threads Per Unit - sets the number of crests that occur for every unit of measure.

  • Thread Pitch - sets the distance between crests of the thread.

  • Thread Height - sets the distance from the minor diameter of the thread to the major diameter of the thread.

    • Override

      Select the check box to override the calculated Thread Height value and type the new value.

      Clear the check box to allow the software to calculate the Thread Height.

  • First Cut Amount - sets the amount of material removed in the first pass of the thread cutting cycle.

  • Last Cut Amount - sets the amount of material removed during the final pass of the Threading operation.

  • Number of Finish Passes - sets the number of finish passes, sometimes referred to as spring passes, the system outputs for the Thread.



Thread In-feed Angle- sets the angle of the approach into the thread. (0 degrees results in a perpendicular approach.) Select the appropriate value for the thread you are creating.



Canned Cycle Chamfer Out

These options allow you to include a chamfer at the end of the thread that is generated and has two possible selections.


Off - does not perform the Chamfer Out operation.


On - creates the chamfer out and the Number of Leads box becomes available.


Number of Leads - sets the number of threads used for the Chamfer Out (between 0.1 and 9.9).


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