The Lathe Stock Wizard


When creating Turning Jobs, one of the first steps is stock creation. The Lathe Stock Wizard provides an easy to use stock creation tool that handles basic cylindrical stock and custom, revolved  stock geometry. This is an important part of the job setup as the stock can be used to define the clearance values.


The Stock Specification handles assigning a coordinate system to define where the stock is created, and the stock size handles the diameter, inside diameter, and length.  After creating the stock for the job, you can click    next to go directly to the Machine Setup dialog box to define the machining origin and clearance plane values for the job.

To open the Stock Wizard, do one of the following:


  • When creating a new job, in the Machining Job dialog box, select Turning, click the check box for Stock Wizard and select .


  • In the CAM tree, right-click Stock, and click Stock Wizard.


The Stock Wizard displays in the Property Manager.

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