This topic explains how to assign workpiece geometry for CAM jobs in BobCAM. This allows you to assign geometry that represents the workpiece, or the final part, to determine what displays in simulation window as the workpiece.This topic will also provide links to related topics.


Note: You do not have to assign a workpiece.To skip the workpiece assignment, just click the next button () to keep going through the Stock Wizard.If you do not assign a workpiece, all visible solid and surface geometry in the graphics area is passed to simulation as the workpiece geometry.Also, if you do assign a workpiece and that geometry is hidden when you launch simulation, no workpiece displays and the Workpiece button becomes unavailable in the simulation.

Method 1) Assigning the Workpiece During the Job Setup

When you button open the StockWizard from the Machining Job dialog box, the SelectWorkpiece dialog displays in the Entry Property Manager as the first page of the Stock Wizard.


  1. The SolidBody list box automatically has focus.This allows you to select the desired workpiece from the graphics area.

    Click or drag a window to select the workpiece geometry, which is the target part.

    The Geometry is added to the Geometry SolidBody list.

  2. Click to begin the Stock Wizard.

  3. If you select the wrong geometry, either click the geometry in the graphics area again to deselect it, highlight it in the list and click (Delete), or click (Delete All) to remove everything from the list.


Note: You can also modify the workpiece assignment, after completing the Stock Wizard, using the CAM Tree.

Method 2) Assigning Workpiece Geometry Using the CAM Tree

After creating a CAM job, you can assign workpiece geometry or modify the current assignment using the Workpiece item in the CAM Tree.


  1. In the CAM Tree, right-click Workpiece,and click Re/Select.


Note: You can click Remove if you only want to remove the current assignment.


  1. The Select Workpiece dialog displays in the Data Entry Property Manager.

    If geometry is already selected for the workpiece, you can click or drag a window to deselect the unwanted geometry or delete it directly from the Solid Body list.

    If geometry has not yet been added, Click or drag a window to select the workpiece geometry to add it to the Geometry SolidBody list.

  2. Click(OK)to confirm the selection.

    When you simulate the program, only the assigned geometry is passed to simulation as the workpiece.

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