Machine Parameters


This topic will explain the options found on the Machine Parameters page of the Current Settings dialog, and will provide a link to a related topic.

The Machine Parameters page

The machines that are available in this page are defined in the Current Settings Default dialog box. You can change the machine that is used for the current job only by making changes in the Current Settings Job dialog box.



  • Make - displays the currently selected machine. To change the current machine, click to open the Machine Selection dialog box. Click the Make arrow, select a machine from the list, and click OK.

  • Type - is an informational display to show the selected machine type.

  • Number of Axes - displays the number of axes for the selected machine.



Machine Parameters

  • Maximum # of Tools - sets the number of tools the machine can use for one program.

  • Maximum Spindle Speed - sets the maximum speed rate for the spindle.

  • Rapid Feed - sets the rapid rate of the machine in units per minute.

  • Maximum Cutting Feedrate - sets the maximum feedrate for cutting. Any values entered at the operation level over this amount will be output with this amount instead.


Tip: The Maximum Cutting Feedrate is also used to determine the feedrate for some retract moves as well as adaptive link moves for toolpaths using Adaptive high-speed machining as listed next:

• For any toolpath with Adaptive turned on (2 Axis Advanced Pocket, 3 Axis Advanced Rough, Multiaxis Roughing), the feedrate applies to the link clearance moves from one cut to the next (not full retract/rapid moves).
• For all 3 Axis Pro operations, when Rapid Retract for Large Gaps is turned off, the feedrate is used for retract moves.
• For Multiaxis toolpaths the feedrate applies to retract moves




This section is only visible when a machine has been selected that has a chuck assigned to it.


  • MC - specifies the chuck currently being defined as belonging to the main spindle.

  • SC - specifies the chuck currently being defined as belonging to the sub spindle.


Jaw Orientation

The Jaw Orientation allows you to specify the direction the jaws will be turned in the chuck. Choose between: 



Clamp Direction

  • Toward Centerline - specifies that the jaws will clamp by moving toward the center of rotation.

  • Away from Centerline - specifies that the jaws will clamp by moving away from the center of rotation.


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