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2 Axis Lathe, Nesting STD, BobART, Editor Pro
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Don't let your production suffer because of your CAD-CAM. Take your production to the next level with BobCAD CAM’s V30
Reasons Clients Choose BobCAD CAM
The Best Price In The Industry
Get more features for the money they any other CAD CAM system on the market
No Maintenance Fees
You are not required to pay annually fee’s for the use of software.
Quick & Easy To Learn Software
Fastest to use and easiest to learn system on the market today.
Locally Stored Files / Not Cloud Based
No internet required to use open or save your files. As a perpetual license , BobCAD will not timeout or stop working due to a service agreement.
Key Features our Customers Love:
Standard File Translators
Industry's most popular file translators included allowing you to import your customer files
Free Post Processors
Online library of standard post processors for today’s most popular machines.
Reporting Tools
Cycle Time Estimates, Setup Sheets, Solid Simulation and more…
Modular System
Add on products to support new equipment you have now or get in the future.
Free Training Resources
Weekly Webinars, Youtube channel, Facebook groups to connect and share with users.
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2D/3D CAD CAM for $1495

Don’t take our word for it, check out the testimonials from our happy clients:
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“BobCAD has made my life easy because it was so easy to learn. It was easy to pick up and it translates onto the machine. So if you’re getting into machining, learning machining, it’s a great way to go.”
Jon Owen | Development Coach | USA Luge
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“Best value for the money – I own an engineering firm, and BobCAD is one of my most critical tools to earn money and get projects done. When I hand off parts to the manufacturer, I know they are already optimized for machining because we did them in house first.”
Jason Kocher | CEO at Aqua Engineering, LLC
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“What I love about BobCAD is that it allowed me to start from ground zero. They had excellent training and a lot of resources. It really took an intimidating subject and made it simple for me. Not only in the sense of how to learn it but also cost-wise. It was a very viable option.”
Andy McConnell | Blacksmith | CAM Forge Tool
BobCAD-CAM Customer Success
“When it comes to programming complex parts, BobCAD-CAM’s toolpaths and simulation are second to none. Once I’ve created my toolpaths, simulation makes it easy to check my work and make sure everything looks right so I’m not wasting machine time or materials. Best of all, BobCAD-CAM’s tech support is always there to help if I get stuck.”
Bill Hamrick | Integrity Machining Inc.
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