The Machining Job Dialog


This topic will explain the Machining Job dialog, describe how to access it, the options in it, and will provide links to related topics.


To open the Machining Job dialog box, do one of the following:


  • In the BobCAM CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click New Job.


  • In the BobCAM menu, click New CAM Job.

The Machining Job Dialog

When you create a new job, the Machining Job dialog box displays. This dialog box is used to define the job type and the machine for the job. You can then start the Stock Wizard directly from the dialog box.


The Machining Job dialog box allows you to define the number and type of jobs that display in the CAM Tree. You can define one or more jobs in a single open file.


  • - creates the selected CAM job and adds it to the CAM Tree.

  • - cancels the CAM job creation and closes the dialog box.

Job Type

Select the radio button for the type of CAM job that you want to create: Milling, Turning, or Mill Turn.


  • Start Stock Wizard
    Select the check box to start the Stock Wizard when you click (OK).
    Clear the check box to create the CAM Job without starting the Stock Wizard. (The Stock Wizard must be completed before adding features to the CAM Tree.)


Select the machine that you want to use for the job. The available machines are based on the selected Job Type.

Default Parameter Template

The Default Parameter Templates allow you to use the System Default template, or choose from previously saved templates.


Tip: The Default Parameter Templates allow you to alter the default values for Feature, and Operations in the Wizards and save them to utilize again in the future. To learn more about the Default Parameter Templates, see The Default Parameter Templates topic.

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