Lathe Overview


This topic will explain the Lathe Module, will explain the basic steps to completing a lathe job, and will provide links to related topics.

The Lathe Module

The Lathe module for BobCAM give you the tools needed to define a feature of the intended final product and select the operations needed to complete that feature. Job settings, machine and post processor selection, tools, stock, stock material, and Lathe features are all handled in the Lathe module.

Lathe Steps

  1. In the CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click New Job, or in the BobCAM Menu or BobCAM Command Manager, click New CAM Job.

  2. Set the Job Type to Turning, select the machine, select the Default Parameter Template, and click the check box for Start Stock Wizard and click (OK).

  3. Define the Workpiece if needed and click .

  4. Choose the Stock Type and Size. When selecting Cylindrical stock, the Stock Origin will need to be set as well. Once these are set, click NextArrowSWIcon.jpg.

  5. Set clearances in the Machine Setup page and click OK.

  6. Adjust current settings, posts, tools, and stock material in the Turning Job tree.

  7. Right-click on the Machine Setup to choose the Features to machine.

  8. Use the Lathe Wizard to choose the Operations and set their parameters as needed to complete the features.

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