How to Customize Feature Operations


The DMS Defaults, CAM Wizards, and the Machining Order are all used to customize the number and order of machining operations that are output in the NC program. The following examples explain how to customize your feature operations in these three areas.

Changing the DMS Defaults

You should first familiarize yourself with the DMS Defaults dialog box. The DMS Defaults control the default operations that are loaded for each Machining Strategy template in the CAM wizards. You use the DMS Defaults to define any operations that you frequently use. For example, if you constantly create programs that contain a pocket and a profile operation, then you can set the DMS Defaults to always include these operations in one of the operation templates.


The operations that are contained in each template can be customized using any number of Available Operations.

To open the DMS Defaults:

  • In the CAM Tree, right-click CAM Defaults, and click DMS Defaults.


The DMS Defaults dialog box displays.

To modify the Operations in Template:

  1. In the list on the left side of the dialog box, expand the desired CAM feature group, and then expand the folder of the feature type that you want to modify.

    The items listed below each feature type are the operation templates for that feature.

  2. Select an operation template for the feature type to display the Operations in Template and Available Operations lists on the right side of the dialog box.

  3. To reorder the Operations in Template, select an operation in the list, and click (Move Up) or (Move Down) to move the operation up or down in the list.

  4. To remove an operation from Operations in Template, select the operation, and click (Delete Operation).

    (Any operation that you delete from Operations in Template is always still available in the Available Operations.)

  5. To add to the Operations in Template, select one or more Available Operations, and click (Add Operation).

  6. You can then reorder the operations as explained in Step 3.



The operations that you define for each template are then available in the Machining Strategy page of the CAM Wizard.

Changing the Machining Strategy

The Machining Strategy of the CAM Wizards provides you with the ability to modify the operations for the feature during the feature creation. You can select a template in the Machining Strategy to load the operations for that template into the Current Operations list of the feature. You can also modify the Current Operations for each feature using the Available Operations list as explained next.


Note: The Available Operations of the DMS Defaults and the Machining Strategy are a predefined list of the available system operations for a feature. You cannot modify this list, you use it to add operations to the current operations for the template or feature.

To create a new CAM feature:

  1. After creating a CAM Job, in the CAM Tree, right-click Machine Setup.

  2. To open the CAM Wizard, select the desired feature type in the shortcut menu.

  3. Work through the wizard until you reach the Machining Strategy.

To modify the Current Operations:

  1. In the Machining Strategy, you can select a Template to populate the Current Operations for the feature.

  2. To add an operation to the Current Operations, select an Available Operation, and click (Add Operation).


Note: When you add an operation from Available Operations to Current Operations, the operation is added below the operation that is currently selected in the Current Operations list.


  1. Repeat Step 2 for as many operations as needed.

  2. To reorder the operations for the feature, select a Current Operation, and click (Move Up) or (Move Down) to move the operation up or down in the list.

  3. To remove an operation, select a Current Operation, and click (Delete Operation).

  4. After creating the desired number and order of operations for the feature in the Current Operations list, click Next>> to go to the next page of the wizard.


The operations are added to the CAM wizard tree on the left side of the dialog box.

Changing the Machining (Posting) Order

The Machining Order provides further control of the order of operations that you create for a program. There are three optimization types that automatically reorder the operations based on Tools, Features, or Machine Setups. In addition to the optimization types, you can also manually reorder the operations inside the Machining Order list as explained next.

To open the Machining Order:

  • In the CAM Tree, right-click Milling Job, or Turning Job and click Machining Order.


The Machining Order dialog box displays.

To define the Machining Order:

  1. You can first select an optimization type to define the Machining Order (as explained in the Machining Order Dialog Box topic).

  2. To change the order of operations, select an operation in the Machining Order list, and click (Move Up) or (Move Down) to move the operation up or down in the list.

  3. Repeat Step 2 for as many operations as needed.

  4. When you are finished defining the Machining Order, click OK to save the settings.

  5. To post the program, right-click Milling Job, Turning Job, or Wire EDM Job and click Post.


Important: Notes about the Machining Order:

• You must confirm that the order you create in the Machining Order is logical for the program.
• The order of operations that are defined for a single feature cannot be changed in the Machining Order. To reorder the operations of a single feature, edit the feature wizard.
• The Machining Order list only displays the operations that are set to Post Yes (in the CAM Tree).

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